Thursday, December 15, 2011

60 is a special number

Yeah - The 2012 season brochure arrived today.  60 - that's the special number this year!!!!!!  Even for the Stratford Festival Theatre!  I LOVE seeing as many plays as I can afford (oh, how I miss the days when I worked there and got free tickets).  Maybe someday I'll go back as a senior usher - that'll be here soon too - Yikes!  The 2012 season looks promising with "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and "The Matchmaker" just to mention a few..... sorry these pictures are sideways....I don't know how to fix them.

Must see for me is Christopher Plummer's "A Word or Two"

Here's the other one that I would like to see "42nd Street" with Cynthia Dale.  The musicals are always a special treat!

If you've never been to the Stratford Festival - YOU MUST!  Larry, Debi, and Becky from Kentucky always do :) - we have such a wonderful time.  We'll see you in approx. 60 divided by 2 WEEKS or less.

I'm going to start saving right now - or wait a minute....that might have to wait till sometime in January.  My special financial advisor complains that he's not an advisor at all - he's just a suggester.  Thank goodness he's my husband and understands.


  1. This blog is great! -Lisa

  2. hmmm.. so great ideas here! :) ps: can you rotate your pics? love, becky

  3. dont put your money in rrsps at your age you should s.i.n spend it now and enjoy it while your young thats my advise

  4. I recall you talking about 60 a few posts back. It's come to haunt me...I need to check.


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