Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and the caffeine headache has lessened - and I only ever drink 2-3 Cups a day!  I don't intend to give it up and that will be the first thing to indulge in after this week!  Otherwise, I'm feeling great - a little stiff from going to the gym however.  I notice on my face - my skin feels smooth and soft and I also really notice my improved digestion (too much information?).  I didn't weigh myself before starting - I just knew that my jeans were fitting much too tight.  Hopefully I will have shed a few lbs. after this.  Sigh!

I have always tried to keep my weight down as much as possible because my concern is getting "the diabetes" as they used to say.  It is very prevalent in my family on my mother's side and I have 3 siblings who have been diagnosed!  Something I definitely want to avoid if at all possible.  It's a battle for sure.

Today my meals consist of my morning smoothie, raw veggies, a couple of apples, a banana for lunch at work, and a huge salad for dinner.  My smoothie looks like sludge today but oh so delish.  I used 1/2 a field cucumber (peeled and seeded), 1/2 banana, 2-3 handsful of spinach, pomegranite juice, and best of all, 1/2 Cup of blueberries!  Yum.  Honestly, the food tastes great and my sweet cravings have subsided.

I'll give you a wee report on Friday to let you know how things worked out.

Here's to eating a rainbow! 


  1. so much great looking food.hope your coffee headache is gettting better,happy birthday is jan 4 amazing!!!my grandchildren gave me the best birthday card ever,love them soooo much.keep sharing the great food and pictures

  2. Hi Rosella,

    It must be the year for giving up caffeine, I got the headache as well so I've switched to decafe with a shot of Bailey's and it went away. LOL


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