Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Days of "Summa"

We don't often take the time
to take our 
'67 Mustang Convertible
to a car show.
However, this Sunday there was a wee
show happening in the small village
of Millbank - about 10 minutes from home.
Off we went - it was a beauty day
and the perfect way to spend a late August Sunday afternoon!

After all, there was some
stale gas in the tank
and it needed to be used up
so fresh gas can be put in for
the wedding......

Much to our delight
the show was well attended
and there was even a great display
of antique tractors.

Watch for this one to show up on
the TV Series "The Murdock Mysteries"

Till next time ................. find ways to enjoy these last days of "summa".


  1. Your mustang is a beauty and from my high school era! Love it. My pears are picked and when they soften up I'll add them to my Smirntopf to finish it off. We are headed out for an overnight to enjoy some of Dear's vacation...
    Blessings on all the remaining wedding plans.

  2. My husband had a '67 Mustang when we were dating. It was bottle green and I loved it! Unfortunately it didn't survive a drive across the country in 1972.

  3. Awesome photos Rosella, you do have a gift. It was great to spend some time with you guys and share some good laughs. The feta and sun dried tomato torte with no knead bread was to die for, makes me want to go to Tuscany and take some cooking courses. Hugs

  4. Your convertible is a beauty!!! What a fun day~

  5. Ah Rosella...that picket fence in your header photo is so beautiful. That convertible is so fantastic. Why don't we swing by with our 50' Merc and go cruising?

  6. Beautiful car! Looking forward to he wedding pictures!

  7. I should add, that when we were dating, my H drove a 67 firebird. It was not a convertible, but s similar look. I think he is sorry that he sold it.

  8. My husband and I inherited a Mustang convertible from his parents when we got married. After a few years we traded it in for a Pinto Station wagon. Kicked ourselves ever since!

  9. I'm thinking of you and your mustang...that was my favorite...but never seemed to land one at our house. I will continue to truck along with my SUV.
    I bet I know where you are...I'm so glad it's all over and I can finally post.

  10. Ahhhh, a wedding! Now must look further back. I think that red mustang of yours is a beauty.