Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden's Last Hurrah!

Here we are .... already the last days of October 2012!!
A huge storm that some are calling
Frankenstorm, is on it's way and the
Eastern Seaboard is bracing and preparing!
Praying for safety and minimal damage.

Saturday was a blitz of "last of the season gardening" here on the farm.
It's very wet, muddy, and a promise of more rain and wind to come.
The corn is yet to be harvested and we are hoping for
some more typical fall weather so these crops can still be brought in!

In the meantime, we did as much work outside that we 
could cram into one afternoon.....
The farmer climbed onto the ladder and scooped pails of pine needles
out of the eaves troughs, the tired looking annuals were
pulled from the window boxes and flower pots,
the dahlia bulbs were dug from their muddy beds.
Gourds, a few pumpkins and beets got rescued from the back garden,
peonie plants got a haircut, 
and some of the house plants were plucked from their summer home
(the back deck) and returned to their Winter rooms.

So much more to be done outside.........
but all in all it was a productive day!

Garden's Last Hurrah!

Dahlia bulbs - my new favourite flowers - thanks to my co-worker Sara!!!

Sunday was the day for our annual Family Gathering
on my Dad's side.
My Grandparents had 10 children, each of those children
including my Dad had large families of their own,
That's my generation (the grandchildren) and now there are
great and great-great grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren.......
need I say more?

If everyone came we could not possibly accommodate this 
large "Freundshchaft"!!!
I can't even tell you how delicious the food is that
appears on those pot-luck tables each year!!!  It's unbelievable!
We ate so much and had such a nice visit with cousins and friends!
Thanks to the hosting family - you did a super job!

Sunday suppertime came but no one was really hungry
so we resorted to the favourite
pop-corn and TV Sunday night.
Hot buttered popcorn, a few episodes of Downton Abbey,
and The Amazing Race = the best kind of Sunday evening.

Ye 'olde popcorn pot still works the best!!!

Browned butter is a must!

"That's a Bowl" full of deliciousness

This Sunday night "tradition" comes honestly
as my mother often made this for Sunday supper as well.
She always used her special popcorn pot - I do too
She used lard - I use Grape Seed Oil
She salted the popped corn from her salt crock - I do too
She browned the butter - I do too
My daughter has her own special popcorn pot too....
the tradition continues.

Till next time ............ batten down the hatches, put an extra pitcher of water in the fridge and fill the woodbox.


  1. I just looked at the map of the storm's path - hang onto your hat! I'll be thinking about you.

  2. I have read your blog periodically but have never commented, but you mentioned Frankenstorm, and we are experiencing that as well. I live in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. and as I type this, the rain is coming down and the wind blowing, and will worsen as the storm moves inland. Thankful for a fire in our woodstove, and vegetable beef soup warming in the crockpot, our power--at least for now. Wishing the best for you.

  3. Your garden's last hurrah looks beautiful and your extended family gathering (Freundschaft) sounds like something to be very thankful for as well.
    May you stay safe and warm.

  4. I need to tend to things outside,too. Your reunion sounds wonderful as does your popcorn tradition. I need to sit down and get caught up on Amazing Race and a few other shows we missed while in Eastern Washington. Hope you got spared any remnants from the storm. Our daughter and son in law on the coast of North Carolina did not suffer any damage or hardship from the storm. Blessings!


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