Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spring Flora at the Homestead

Thankful for a weekend of 
gardening, gathering, and summer sunshine!

The May rains and cool temperatures
have made the blooms fresh and long lasting.....

Poppies, Allium, Peonies, Bleeding Hearts, Ferns and Ivy at their peek.

Have a wonderful week .......

Till next time - our bags are packed and the excitement is building for a wee get-away!


  1. Beautiful blooms!! Oh fun, a getaway. Have fun and I hope you'll share when you get back...

  2. I'm loving all the red peonies everywhere...over here and in Manitoba. Have fun...on your little escape!

  3. Beautiful flowers! You've reminded me that I'd love to get some poppies in my garden!

  4. It is certainly true that the blossoms are lasting longer in the cool weather. Your garden is looking especially lush.

  5. If only all of life could be floral:) I'm taking time to walk by each flower in your photos. Enjoy your getaway.

  6. Oh.. I remember ... you are coming out to this side of the country!
    If it works out at all to meet you somewhere, some of us would love to do that, but we understand vacations are not about meeting people when you are with your hubby.
    Have so much fun! Hope the weather is great for you!

  7. The beauty of your heart is reflected through this post.
    Enjoy the beauty of life and keep sharing it with others.