Monday, November 4, 2013

The Great Escape

The Mad Dash Great Escape!!

You'll probably think we've gone mad
but we drove all the way to Winnipeg
last week and picked up our little "new to us" RV trailer.

The planning and scheming has begun
for trips and travels.

Along the way I snapped some pictures,
mostly while in transit,
as we dashed Escaped through
4 states, 2 provinces,
and along the beautiful shores of
Lake Michigan and Superior,
and then back again.

Our faithful GPS "Gertie" took us
through sleet and snow and rain
Stopping only to gas up, eat a little,
sleep and washroom breaks - Whew!

We travelled over amazing bridges and saw
beautiful fall colours, and thankfully not too many deer
(live ones - that is)! Couldn't believe the carnage
we saw along the interstate highways - so sad.

We could see that hunting
season is in full swing - they sold "bait"
along side the fuel - who knew that hunting
was such a big deal - eek!

As you can imagine,
we were so glad to arrive home again,
safe and sound and The Farmer
was elated to see that the soy bean crop
had been harvested and not lost as was feared.
It's all good.....
It was worth the drive to Winnipeg!!!

Till next time ...... dreaming of future travels and vacations.  Let the fun begin.....


  1. Looks like a fun home on wheels! I know you'll have some good adventures after reading about all of Judy's and Kathy's adventures in their trailers/RV's .

  2. Let the fun right! I'm reading this post from our cozy 'escape'...far from home. Glad the cropping went off without a hitch!

  3. I'm so excited for you. I know your little escape will be a source of endless adventure and relaxation!
    So glad that crop was taken in no problem.

  4. We did a long road trip to pick up our RV too! it was one of the most memorable trips and you will find that the RV is one of the best investments for 'escapes' of all kinds! Oh the places you will go! Have fun and so glad to hear about the soy crop success! Thank God!

  5. You were so close to my home town! Enjoy your home on wheels! Good news on the crop.

  6. Oh, Rosella! We are SO happy for you and the Farmer! Just thinking of the adventures you'll have makes me giddy! Can't wait to hear all about, do you have room in the Escape for two stowaways?! ;-)

    1. Yes Dianne - there is room for you two!!! We might even be able to strap a kayak on top - wouldn't that be fun?

    2. Definitely! Just say when and where and we're there!

  7. That sounds like such a fun adventure! Glad there are many more in your future!

  8. Yeah! So excited for you guys. When I met you in Chilliwack you were on your way to look at the Escape factory. Now the plans are a dream come true and you can escape....just as we've done. How fun it would be for our paths to cross and we 'camp' a little together. You're going to love your home on wheels....along with the meals on wheels that are just so much fun.

    1. Love the "Meals on Wheels" idea!!! I'll be noting your camping meal recipes for sure :).

  9. So happy for you! Escape is a molded camper, right? We are researching/dreaming of a two person camper too...let me know how you decided on your Escape .

  10. This is great! you are going to have so much fun! Are you going to visit all of the states like Judy did?

  11. Have a wonderful get away! There is a lot of beauty out there to see and what a fun way to do it!


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