Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This is my first ever "link" up
blog post.
Party and I've been invited!!!

I noticed Rhondi's beautiful watercolor
"paintings" on one of her recent posts
"The Secret of my Success in Watercolor Painting"
and was so intrigued by
her secret method.

Once I figured out how to download the iPhone App
(with Rhondi's help) I started "painting" to
my heart's content ....

Welcome to my first ever 'waterblog' exhibit:

Elegant Ajijic Cactus

Valentine Breakfast Flowers

Mexican Coffee Break

Brown-eyed girls

Memories of Lake Chapala

This honestly makes me want
to take some real watercolour painting classes!!!!

Be sure to head over to Rhondi's blog
and leave a comment....

Linking is fun!!!!!


  1. Wow your water colors are wonderful! Isn't it fun?
    I've had a friend frame one of mine and it really looks amazing! it's nice to "meet" you and I'm glad you joined in.

  2. Isn't this fun? Rhondi encouraged me to download the app and join in tonight too. Having lots of fun. This may be my new obsession. '-) Your "water colors" are gorgeous!

  3. I love the watercolor pictures! Your valentine Breakfast Flowers is my favorite!

  4. Rosella, those are gorgeous! Waterlogue is so much fun. It makes me want to paint too!

  5. Wow! Beautiful! I love the Mexican coffee :)

  6. Good morning Rosella Isn't this a fun app? It makes you feel like an artist. Thanks for joining I today. I love all your paintings. I am actually taking a six week watercolor class tonight. Can't wait. Hugs, Rhondi

  7. Oh what fun! Beautiful. I think I could actually paint that way as well...if I can only figure out how to download the app. :)

  8. That is really neat. I had noticed your header and now I know your secret. Really nice!

  9. I downloaded this ap earlier in the week. Haven't played with it much, but I did do one of our dog, which we now want to blow up and frame! Yours are beautiful!


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