Thursday, May 12, 2016

Best Mother's Day!

They came on Mother's Day unannounced ...
Grandpa farmer knew but Grammie was surprised.

This sweet face awaited us at a nearby Brunch buffet.

We had 4 days of cuddles

Grandpa was in heaven holding this little angel!

There were story times

Reading with Grandpa

There were giggles and squeals in our home 

Who could ask for a more wonderful Mother's Day!?

Her mommy and daddy did some serious hunting and negotiating while here
and we are getting so excited for future possibilities!!!!

Till next time ........ hope your Weekend was wonderful!


  1. oh what a very sweet surprise for you. 4 days of cuddles, how very precious. Hmm I like the sound of those possibilities! She is so so cute Rosella. Boy they grow fast while you aren't looking!

  2. Oh how marvelous! Serious hunting and negotiating? That sounds promising... What a little doll she is and that photo with her grandfather is just precious.

  3. Oh my much excitement in this post, Rosella!! First a surprise visit from the little sweetheart (and her family). What a delightful surprise...the best!! Then an allusion to some hunting and negotiating? Sounds like some excitement to me!! :D

  4. What an amazing Mother's Day surprise!!! LOVE these family photos, Rosella!

  5. I love it! That is the best kind of Mather's Day surprise.

  6. This gave me the shivers! What a wonderful surprise this must have been for you. I am reading things into your last line and hope that it means what I think it means.

  7. Oh, the best surprise! And I have happy chills at the sound of those future possibilities.

  8. This feels so surreal. It truly is the best time of our life. I knew my daughter was coming with her first born, but I was so excited keeping it a secret.....and then we invited a few other guests who were also ecstatic, as they had not seen the newborns.

  9. Rosella, that little girl is so precious! So happy for your most amazing Mother's Day surprise!

  10. That is the most awesome Mother's Day surprise! Your granddaughter is so adorable - her sweet face brought a smile to mine!


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