Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ramped up Scalloped Potatoes

Even tho' Spring is Springing
it rarely feels like it these days ...
the weather is still damp, dull and cool.

However, on my way home yesterday from a wee "rampage"
to town I caught a glimpse of this shy newborn.

So sweet!

The farmer and I also made a little jaunt to a woodlot
just down the road and brought home a few shovels full of ramps!

Ramps - also known as wild leeks, or bush onions
are a true sign that Spring is here!

They always remind me of my Dad who loved to eat them raw.
Those closest to him always knew he had!

These pungent, strong and earthy tasting treats are used in many different ways.

They are said to be very healthy - if only they didn't have such a strong odour!

Ramps taste wonderful paired with potatoes and since scalloped potatoes is on the menu for dinner I decided to chop a few into the potato casserole.

Taste Note - the ramps added a nice mild and earthy flavour to the potatoes. I would do this again!
Tonight I roasted some in the oven - recommended by my friends Gary and Anita. This was another very tasty way to enjoy Spring Ramps.

Till next time - are ramps/wild leeks something you and your family enjoy?


  1. Well I'm happy to learn something new. I've never heard of ramps but I think I'd really enjoy them. Your potatoes look amazing.

  2. Love them my mom and dad use to eat them raw also. I like to add them to egg salad and tuna salad and to soups. I freeze them to use in the winter

  3. Totally new to me, Rosella! Must have them here, I would imagine anyway. Would not be opposed to trying them at all.

  4. I was in LA a few weeks ago and had ramps twice---with halibut! It was a lovely dish. Tonight was perfect scalloped potato weather---cool and rainy :)

  5. Ramps are new to me - going to look out for them, and see if I can find them anywhere. The potatoes look yummy. It's been cool and rainy here for days, now.

  6. I've never heard of ramps but that combination with the potatoes looks yummy!


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