Tuesday, June 13, 2017


We all know how important it is to be able to
smell, taste, see, hear, and feel.
Never have I been so thankful for my sense of smell and taste as these past few weeks!

For 8-9 days, while fighting a very nasty virus (that hung on for 3+ weeks)
I had completely lost my sense of smell and taste!!
I have to admit, it scared me and I prayed for healing.

Of course, the more I read about losing ones sense of smell the more worried I became.
It IS possible for a virus to have this happen!

I would rub peppermint oil on my hands and cup them over my nose, only to be 
disappointed day after day with not even a hint of smell.

I stuck my nose right into the lilacs and the lily of the valley - nothing!

I had no idea how much I missed being able to smell these beautiful flowers - even though
they would normally have been a touch too strong for me.

Thankfully, I slowly regained my sense of taste and then smell.
I was so thankful - and savoured every aroma of coffee, bread baking,
and of course the beautiful fragrances of all the flowers around this old farm.

They all seem to be blooming at once during this heat wave we are experiencing.

The Poppies and Bachelor Buttons

The soft scented Iris

The white Peonies that came with this farm - 38 years ago!

The fragrant pink Peonies from my Mother In Law's garden

My little love bug

Oh, how blessed I feel to have regained it all!
Thank you Jesus.
I truly never imagined how devastating this would have been.

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending our former neighbour's 50th
Wedding Anniversary celebration ....
I was so happy to enjoy the taste of these "flowers" made by their daughter.
Aren't they lovely?

Till next time ...... stop and smell the flowers and taste all the goodness this wonderful life has to offer!
Now to work on my slight loss of hearing and my short sightedness - eek!

P.S. - Today, June 13th, my dear Mom would have turned 101 years old. Miss her every day!

Mom with my brother - trying to get the horse to yawn so they could
get the bridal on - smile!!!


  1. Oh, now you have me thankful for being able to taste and smell. That would be an awful loss. I love that box of cupcakes... so beautiful!!

  2. I can not even imagine how scary that was! So glad that The Lord restored your sense of smell and taste. My goodness the gardens there at the farm are flourishing and that flower box filled with "flowers" is delightful!

    1. Meant also to say that your little granddaughter is getting so big. I see that she enjoys the flowers, too.

  3. Gsai am glad you recovered your sense of smell. Your flowers are do beautiful! Good health is such a blessing!

  4. I'm praising the Lord with you that your sense of smell and taste returned. I can't imagine living without those senses. Those flower cupcakes are displayed so beautifully. Wow! Your love bug has really grown. They do that so fast! Hugs as you remember your dear mom.

  5. Oh, how much we all take for granted . . . until something happens that causes us to appreciate our many gifts. Doing without something, even for a short time, makes us realize how valuable that thing is. I can imagine how scary it was to realize that you may have lost the ability to taste and smell! I am rejoicing with you that God has restored those senses!

    What a beautiful collection of flowers, those on your farm and those at the wedding! Love the photos of your mom and your granddaughter . . . love across the generations.

  6. Thank goodness it was just a virus, Rosella!! How scary and such a reminder to be grateful for every day and every blessing in our lives! xoxo

  7. I am thankful along with you...that you have your sense of smell and taste back! What would life be like without that? Beautiful blooms!

  8. Very happy to read that you're tasting and smelling all the world has to offer, Rosella! We take these things for granted until we lose them - thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses!


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