Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Rear View Mirror

So much has happened since we left for our trip to Florida
on March 1st.
Since I don't even know where to begin I'll start at the end ...

A fabulous time was spent with our friends Gary and Anita,
who travelled with us in their 5th Wheel and most times we camped
at the same State Parks and RV parks.
We have known these two dear friends since forever, are related, and have
vacationed with them many times!

On March 27th, we pulled out of our campsite at Grayton Beach
State Park after the last two weeks of our vacation - 
relaxing, walks on the amazing beach,
excursions and delicious meals.
It was time to head home ...

After four hours on the road, a traffic slowdown on I65 in Alabama,
a check in the rear view mirror to see if our friends were slowing down
behind us - the sickening sound of a crash!

It was them ........

We pulled over in a panic and ran back to find their trailer on it's side,
across 3 lanes of the interstate, their pick-up truck on it's side
and people standing around the truck.
My heart was pounding so hard as I did not know what to expect.
There they were standing in the windshield with Gary holding Anita up
as she hung there in her seatbelt.
They were alive and not hurt .............. thank you dear God.

This is all that matters!

We helped them salvage as many of their belongings from the wreck,
things like clothes, medicines, jewellery, toiletries, and whatever
we could bring back in our little trailer.
Leaving lots of "things" behind - we were just so thankful to be able to 
bring them home to their loving and worried family.

This story could have ended so much worse - did I mention how thankful we are?

Keeping them in our prayers as they struggle with the trauma
of losing their beloved home on wheels and as they work through the
frustrations of settling the insurance matters etc.

In the meantime here at home - a Spring Winter storm is raging,
I'm having warm cuddles with my sweet granddaughter,
a sewing project is underway,
laundry is mostly done and put away,
warm thoughts of meaningful Easter Services remind us of what's really important,
and memories of an otherwise lovely vacation linger ...

Till next time ..... trying to catch up on all the blog posts I've missed in the past month and putting together some pictures and thoughts of a Florida vacation to post soon.

God is Good!


  1. Oh my word . How frightening for you all . I am soo glad they are all ok and didn't get physically hurt , I hope they mentally recover from this soon it can be quite traumatic to all . I do hope they can recover their truck and trailer or get new ones and their insurance doesn't give them any problems and they can get back on the road again soon. Big hugs to you all and god bless .

  2. Oh my...that must have made your heart stop! So happy to hear they were both fine. How fortunate that you were traveling with them and could help them out with some of their stuff. Glad you had all the good times before this accident. Blessings!

  3. Oh, I am grateful along with you at the Lord's protection over your friends! An accident like that is such a shocking thing! I can imagine that all of your hearts were racing! It is such a mercy they were not seriously hurt. These things cause us to realize how fragile life is, and how quickly life can change.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, knowing that the first part was so pleasant!

  4. What an amazing story, Rosella! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, Rosella, I’m sitting here with tears spilling down just thinking of that frightful experience. Rejoicing with you that they were not badly hurt and that you were right there to gather them in. It certainly must have knocked the wind out of everyone’s sails for a bit.

    You didn’t stay south long enough! Spring is delinquent and may actually be locked up somewhere. This must turn around soon for all our sakes. The mind and spirit can only take so much. Have mercy, Lord!

    Course I know that those hugs and snuggles are very warm indeed!

  6. Thanking God for His provision of care and protection; and of course, for friends. Thinking of you.

  7. Oh Rosella, how quickly things can change. I'm just imagining how your heart must have been pounding. So thankful that they were physically okay. Glad you were able to get away... we missed you dear friend.

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that your vacation ended this way...but also very thankful that your friends are OK. Hopefully they can work out all the details with the insurance.

    You have been missed here in blogland. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your road trip.


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