Thursday, October 31, 2019

Maritimes 4 - finale - PEI

Squeeking in my final Maritimes post before November appears.

Before boarding the Ferry from Pictou to Prince Edward Island,
we took a drive to the point lighthouse
and saw the earlier Ferry on it's way - a pretty site to see.

We haven't been to the island since the Confederation Bridge was built!

Views along the way. The Lighthouses never get tired!

Our home for
the next few days.

Cool, rainy but it didn't 
deter us from exploring
and staying cozy.

Another Point Prim!
Yummy Restaurant next to the Lighthouse at the Point.
From our "base camp" we travelled to the Belfast area in
hunt of Koleszar Pottery - it was basically closed but an interesting
visit non-the-less.
The owners were busy splitting wood left by the damaging Dorion storm
and let us poke around their farm gardens and mostly empty 
pottery shop.

By chance, on the way back, we happened on to a fabulous little wool shop,
including live sheep at Belfast Mini Mills.
The incredible hand dyed wool really made me wish I could knit!
I purchased a skein of ribbon yarn - maybe I'll crochet a necklace sometime?

The following day we travelled to Charlottetown in the rain.
Our truck turned from black to red but, never mind, it was worth the trip!

Beautiful Historical Homes on our walking tour
Eckhart the mouse guided us to must see places down town!
Can you find him? (at the base of the clock).
He helped us find Cows!!

Another great find in the City Hall was this mural made up of 864 individual tiles,
painted by members of Council, City staff, visitors, and citizens of Charlottetown.
It was a legacy project for Canada's 150th birthday celebrations in 2017!
This is one of 150 such murals across Canada to act as a visual time capsule.
When pieced together, they make up a train that includes symbols and landmarks
representing each of the provinces and territories.

By this time we were starting to feel like drowned "rats" (sorry Eckhart)
and found a most wonderful eatery to warm up and refuel.
So thankful that my farmer is so great at searching out the best of the best
restaurants - he's my personal Trip Advisor?

Gahan House Fish Tacos.
They brew the best Blueberry Beer too!
So the rain let up a bit and we found Sir John A. on a park bench.

Had a brief chat about the weather!
On the way back through the red muddy streets (construction areas) 
to our campsite we searched out Hannah's Bottle Village.
A wee village made from bottles and concrete.

Heading North-East on the next day we saw more storm damage.
Flattened corn fields and more downed trees.

Stopped in Souris for a great lunch at the Poke Shack.

Yummy Rice bowl/box!!
The shoreline here is rugged and beautiful - walked the beach 
and breathed in the delicious sea air.

Along the way we stopped to see the beautiful, Designated Heritage Lighthouse,
East Point Lighthouse - amazing!

The weather wasn't great but the food sure was ...
Stopped at The Blue Mussel Cafe - North Rustico Harbour
 (another one that the farmer had researched)
and it was well worth the drive.

After finding a nearly abandoned camp ground - Winter Bay Camp Ground,
we got dressed up a bit and went on a date night
to the high energy Ross Family Caleigh in Clinton.
One of their last performances for the season.

After a night of heavy rain and much dampness we woke to a welcome
partly sunny sky and made our way to see the Cove Head Lighthouse
in Brackley-Dalvay National Park

Onward to Cavendish ... the park was closed but we were able
to stop and see that memorable Cavendish Red Beach.
It took my breath away and I remember this sight from many years ago.

Our final campground in PEI was Linkletter Provincial Park.
From our site we could see the Confederation Bridge!!
Drove to Summerside for a light panini supper and prepared
ourselves for the long trip back home.

Aw - the bridge!
Farewell to PEI - hope to come back someday soon
to see the rest of you.

When the farmer is headed home, LONG driving days are unstoppable.
The colourful forests whizzed by us on the Trans Canada Highway
through New Brunswick!
One stop over in Levi, Quebec for the night and then
full speed ahead to home.

Apparently it's been raining back home too!

Till next time - Happy and safe Hallowe'en to you wherever you are ... November here we come.


  1. Glad that the food was great because the weather just wasn’t. No mention of Anne of Green Gables, which is what I usually see from visits to PEI. Been there done that?

  2. Glad you persevered through the weather. The food you found looked amazing. Like I said before it would be great to visit this part of your country!!

  3. I'm sorry that the weather was not better for your stay in PEI, but you and your hubby sure gave it your best effort! You saw some fascinating sights and enjoyed some amazing meals! Kudos to your hubby for finding all those great places!

    I had to chuckle at your "straight ahead to the goal" ride home. I guess when it's over, it's over! :)

  4. Oh, boy, those lighthouse photos could be post cards! I have Maine as a vacation destination and we might as well cross the boarder and explore the Canadian east coast, too!


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