Tuesday, September 29, 2020

September's End 2020

 The leaves are giving us a sure sign that Fall has arrived.

"Autumn is a Second Spring
When Every Leaf is a Flower"
                                        Albert Camus

My favourite Fall garden "flowers" right here!

Pumpkin Patch Raid

School has begun at long last and this little student couldn't be happier.
(whispering a prayer for safety and health)

Perfect weather for a quick get-away to a beautiful park
on Georgian Bay - Awenda Provincial Park

Trails for hiking and biking with dear friends ...

Photo credit - Stew

Forest Bathing!

Funky Fungi everywhere - so lovely!

Final garden clean up weekend ...

Seeds for next year's garden

And that was that! At least we saved the still growing Kale.

This hearty dragon kale has been showing up in omletts, smoothies, and delicious sides!

Kale omelette with herbs from the garden!

The herb garden still flourishes with parsley, sage, borage, chives, basil and rosemary

A bit of colour also remains in the flower beds

Late bloomers - "naked lady" crocus indicating 6 weeks till first snow?

Last year's elderberry crop being stewed into some immune boosting syrup!
We can use all the help we can get these days.

Elder "Beary" tincture ready to share

The corn fields are ripe and ready for the harvest ...

"Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for the harvest."
                                                                                                                               John 4:35

Till next time - enjoy the fleeting Summer days and stop to appreciate the crisp Autumn air - breath!
Pray for the healing of our world.
Stay well my friends!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Labour Day Week/End

Labour Day Week ...

Here we are just around the corner from Labour Day 2020!

And - 6 months since Covid 19 changed the world,
"Normal" everyday things seem to happen yet with an odd "Not Normal" feeling.
I've tried to stay focused and distracted.

 These two little humans help me see the joy in life!

Preserving has been a good distraction as well.

Zucchini Relish - done!

Roasted plum tomatoes - so many tomatoes this year!

Tomatoes and Onions from my garden, Niagara Peaches, and gifted pears!

sourdough cinnamon buns - addictive

Sourdough baking - too much sourdough baking - eek!

Sourdough Focaccia Success!

Possibly my best loaves so far?

Last of the lazy dayz of summa' with ice-cream on the deck?

A Labour Day Sunday outing to Goderich
for a delicious fish and chips lunch.

Chili lime salt and cider vinegar - yum!

There's a definite chill in the air .....

My heart is heavy for two dear friends who have recently
been diagnosed with inoperable cancer ...

Fall of 2020 - what do you hold for us as we cautiously see the end of 
the longest March break in history!

Please be gentle ...

Till next time ... holding on -  to the joys in life - to the peace that passes all understanding!


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Summer Days 2020

The end of July brought some beautiful weather
and time spent at "Papa's House" as dubbed by Sully.

Our daughter had some long awaited surgery
and during her convalescence our little loves stayed with us for several days.
There were picnics, bike rides, ice-cream cones, a weiner roast,
and lots of hugs and kisses ... what a special time!
Mommy was able to rest and heal while we had all the fun.


We experimented with food colouring Queen Anne's Lace flowers.
(have you ever tried this?)

And climbed on some huge straw bales in the neighbour's field.

Sully wasn't so sure about this and it was a bit itchy.

This boy loves to be outside!

And then ...

What to our wondering eyes did appear ...

... a daddy dinosaur in the back yard!!??
There were some screams and giggles.
Noa was skeptical - she noticed the shoes
but Sully believed as he clung tightly to Papa.
The best part were the treats that the scary creature left behind!

Did I mention how much fun and excitement we had!!!?

Minions showed up in the big M's happy meal - who knew?

Late night "Go Fish" game in the RV "sleep over" time.
She is a good little player.

This was a great opportunity and I hope we can have many, many more
special times such as these in spite of these uncertain times.

I think they were happy to go home and Nammie and Papa prepared the RV
for a bit of a get-away to the Lake with friends.

The littles too had a fun escape to their cottage ...

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the canning has begun.

Pickles from the market/tomatoes from the garden

More canning to do in the next few weeks - zucchini relish, fruit relish, beets and corn.

The new dishwasher has been installed - how did I ever do without it?

The summer days seem to be fleeting ... 
but the garden bounty makes this such a great time of year.
Thankful for the opportunity to grow and preserve some of our own vegetables.

My garden jewellery

I shall hang on to these summer days that offer outdoor visits and socializing
as long as possible!

Covid 19 has changed the way we do things. Let's stay positive, thankful, and safe!

Just as I choose to wear a seat belt in my car for safety,
I choose to wear a mask while shopping and when indoors when social distancing
is not possible.

Every life is precious.

Till next time - stay calm as back to school anxiety creeps in. How are you all coping?

One more sweet summer picture:

"Waterlogue"d beauty

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Birthday Celebrations, Camping and Garden Treasures

And then she was 5!!!

All she really wanted was a "stand" to sell something.
It was decided that she could sell popsicles
and donate
half the monies to the United Way,
saving the rest for something special.

Well, the stand was very successful and she is donating $300
to the charity and had a wonderful day on her 5th birthday.

The birthday party theme was Mini Mouse and she sported
her momma's vintage costume complete with Mini Mouse ears!
We all enjoyed pizza and mini mouse cupcakes and cookies.
And, of course, the annual ride around the block in Papa's Mustang.

Love this sweet, kind, bright and adorable little lady!!!!
Will love your forever, Will love you for Always ..

July has been full of sun and spending time outdoors in spite of Covid-19.
We had a wonderful opportunity to camp with friends in a near-by
Provincial Park on the ever beautiful Lake Huron.

The sunsets never disappoint and are always unique each and every evening!

Is this Lake Huron or a Caribbean sea?

A stray tame kitty was found and adored.
It must have been dropped off - who would do such a thing?
Our neighbours who have a litter almost the same age have adopted
him for safe keeping and kitten companionship.
He will be in good hands there!

The garden is producing well and giving us delicious
lettuce, asparagus, garlic and now the zucchini are beginning to march in!
Lock your doors!

Nothing tastes better than fresh lettuce from the garden,
dressed with cream and herbs.

Special flavour = a chiffonade of borage leaf

An extra bonus has been the wild raspberries that grow around
this old farm.
We've been picking them and freezing them.
I can't remember ever finding so many.
Now what shall we make with these, loaded with antioxidant, special berries?

Till next time .... stay safe as our world slowly begins to reopen and mid-summer is just around the corner.  I will wear my mask, wash my hands, and isolate as much as possible to avoid a second waive! I will pray for and be kind to those who oppose reason and common sense. I will pray for my dear friend Nonie who is undergoing cancer treatment. Wisdom and discernment will be my longing for this summer of 2020! We will come through this together!

September's End 2020

  The leaves are giving us a sure sign that Fall has arrived. "Autumn is a Second Spring When Every Leaf is a Flower"             ...