Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer in Full Swing!

It's official!
Summer has arrived in SW Ontario.
It has been sweltering hot, the Spring flowers have bloomed
and are long gone.
The vegetable garden thrives and we've harvested our
first meal of lettuce.

So much has happened in the last few weeks/month.

Celebrated 45 years with this guy farmer!!!

I had fun sewing up a fishy little "geranium" dress for a certain sweet grandgirlie:

She's growing like a weed ...

And is the best big sister ever!

Spectacular sunsets and food with dear friends
at Inverhuron Provincial Park on our favourite lake Huron!

Even enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on the Inverhuron beach with 
these special people who came for a quick visit...

We baked a few cookies (with sprinkles of course).

And we finally put the finishing touches on our kitchen update!
The electrical is done and now we can just enjoy it.
Here are some before and after pictures ...

Old counter top but with new gas (propane) stove. No back splash.

New countertops and island installed.

Backsplash tile installed.

Finally - new lights and electrical installed - 7 months in the making!

My new favourite blogging spot!

Meanwhile, the spare bed is gathering clothing once again
for an upcoming Alaskan adventure.
What does one pack for every kind of weather possible???

Till next time ...... how is your summer shaping up so far? Have you done an Alaskan cruise and what advice do you have to pass along?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wonderful time of year!

It's one of my favourite times of year
here on the farm!

The peonies, poppies, and rhubarb all came with the farm
when we moved here almost 39 years ago!

We were so blessed to have 25 members of the former owner's family
visit on Sunday afternoon for a little "open house".
Many pictures were taken but ne'er a one by me - oops!
It was so heart warming to hear reminiscing by the "grandchildren"
of this precious family. 
They remembered the old apple tree,
their Grandmother's flowers, delicious meals, and wonderful times.

We always knew that this farm had good vibes and are thankful to have
enjoyed it all these years hence!

It was just so great to see everyone again ...

If only you could smell these!

In the meantime, I finished the quilt top for Noa's big girl bed
and delivered it to the quilters.
I can't wait till it's done and to give it to her.

Also, just a few weeks ago our friend Mary had us over
for a sushi making night.
It was an awesome night and delicious meal!
We love sushi and it was so much fun to learn how to make the rolls.

My first attempt.

Thanks so much Mary!

This week I took another quilt making course and am
loving putting together a "One Block Wonder" quilt.
It might not get done till Fall but am glad to have learned this technique.
The colours are way out of my comfort zone - maybe that's why I love it?

Now I shall leave you with a little bit of love ...

Those cheeks!!

Till next time .... stop and enjoy the June flowers.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tea Parties, Puppy Tails and Lilacs

A dear friend recently reminded me how blessed I am.
When sadness drops by - it helps to remember
all the good things in our lives.

Like a new baby to love - incredible!

His first visit to Nammie and Papa's house on Mother's Day!

A masterpiece painting for her mommy

Peppa Tea Party on the patio
and High Tea to celebrate Meghan and Harry's wedding!

Watching Daddy and Papa build put together a two storey play house!
Such excitement.

A HUGE hit!!!

The humble bungalow was carefully moved to the farm.
(Nammie is excited ...)

Puppies and cousins - glee!

And this little fellow continues to capture our hearts,
taking it all in with stride!

Sadness comes on occasion, and that's O.K.
However, one just needs to take stock
of the happiness, great memories,
 and blessings that have been given us.

Sweet Babies, Tea Parties, Bubbles, Play Houses, Puppy tails, and Oh, the Lilacs!

Till next time ... feeling thankful for friends who care and encourage!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Too many Flower Beds?

Sprung into Summer ...

Barely has it felt like Spring but suddenly it feels like Summer,
Glorious Summer!

The too many flower beds were in desperate need of work.
Perhaps it was due to some galavanting around Italy last Fall and not
properly putting things to bed?

The "before" is in the wheelbarrow. Forgot to take a picture - oops.

More "after" of this 
front corner rail fence bed.
Things are popping up nicely
even though it seems 
ever so late this year.

I think we have too many flower beds!

This time I remembered to take a before picture of this side of the rail fence.
Do you see what I mean about them being in really bad shape?

Awww - that looks a bit better.

Except for the bunny chewed
Canada 150 tulips.
They must have tasted better than
the other ones?
I don't think we'll be seeing any red and white blooms this year.

Mulched with the farmer's help and ready to enjoy!

Front Flower beds - after weeding.

Patio and Herb beds at the back of the house.

I do enjoy gardening but there may be a few too many beds
for this old gal to keep up with?

I had a sweet helper for one of the days ....

Next will be the vegetable garden ... it's just a tad too early
but the rhubarb is giving a nice show so far.
Some has been picked and is ready to be made into muffins and a fresh pie for Mother's Day.

I was thankful to have this sauna on our back deck this week.
It seemed to help these old aching muscles.

Did I mention that I think we have too many flower beds?
I really can't complain - it is rewarding and good for me.

Till next time .... enjoying these blessed days and the privilege of gardening on this old farm!!!

Proud Big Sista.
Nammies joy!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our wee Prince is here!

There are no words to express how much love we feel!

He arrived very early on Tuesday morning and weighed in at 
a perfect 7 lbs. 6 oz.
We love his name - Sullivan James
We love everything about him.

eight hours young!

"he's cute" "my bwothow"

We had a few days of one on one time
with this little love.

She has a nasty cough and cold.
Bad timing for when there's a new baby in the house.

Love having her at our table and so thankful
that she enjoys being with us too!

three days young

Oh the places you will go little one!
God is so Good ....

Till next time ... feeling blessed and thankful.

Summer in Full Swing!

It's official! Summer has arrived in SW Ontario. It has been sweltering hot, the Spring flowers have bloomed and are long gone. ...