Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lock Down Days

Not too much happening over here,
Still in Covid lock-down which has just been extended till past May 24!

Seven months and counting since bedroom suite ordered,
Retailers continue to struggle and are trying to "hang on",

Shopping online for essentials and not so essentials,

Wayfair purchase - much assembly was required!

Shepherd's Fashions - Ottawa.
Online shopping distraction - I may need an intervention.

Many rooms and corners still unfurnished,
Screen time is way up,
No visitors nor any visiting - even Zoom visiting is becoming rare,
Unseasonably cool weather with nightly frost warnings,
Gardening mostly on hold.

It all sounds so dismal and depressing.
Well, to be honest, it sometimes is!

In spite of it all - Spring is still springing and the days are longer.
The cool weather has made all the Spring flowers last longer than usual.

Tulips at the farm

The woods are abloom with Trilliums
and the blossoms and leaves are just ready to pop!

Mother's Day brought a special delivery by two of the sweetest little humans.

Blinds have been installed - I love them!

The farmland is being prepared and planted
and my farmer has had a slow start. It's hard to hold him down.
If you have been following, you know that he's had a major set-back.
However, the good news is that he is healing and is getting more and more mobile.
Even to the point that he's been on the tractor the last couple of days.
After many appointments, MRIs, Ultra Sounds, CT and PT scans,
we wait to hear what the next weeks and months hold for his treatment.

We feel all the prayers and good wishes from everyone!
Our hearts are full of love and hope.
We feel held in the hands of God and await His timing and plans for our lives.

Till next time ... keep the faith and stay well my dear readers!

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