Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lock Down Days

Lock Down on the move ...

January 15, 2021 was an epic day for us,
as we picked up the keys for our "new to us" house!

With measuring tape and camera in hand we explored this
place we will soon call home.

A new chapter ... for the farmer and his wife.

The China Cabinet was one 
of the first things emptied and packed.

It has been carefully moved from
the farm house to it's new home
by the farmer and his son-in-law.

Thank you for successfully moving
this tricky piece of furniture.
Mom would be proud!

A sneak peek into our new house

The dining area was a bit too snug to fit in the china cabinet
but I think it will look nice here on this wall.
She's been restocked, minus a few purged pieces.
It is just so hard to know what to keep and what to edit out ...

The farm house kitchen will be hard to leave behind
but this one will be equally as functional
(even though I may need to invest in a taller step ladder to reach some of those cupboards)
My 5'2" stature will only reach a bit above the fridge - eek!
The island stools are on order but may take till April to arrive.

In fact, any new furniture and appliances are going to take months 
to be on order during this pandemic back-log!
We need to be patient and just use our old stuff ...
nothing wrong with that and it's not important considering the whole scheme of things
during this trying time.

It will be so much fun shopping in store again to choose area carpets,
furniture, linens, decor items, and such.
Or, perhaps it will be realized how many things we actually don't need !?

One of our favourite things about this place is the backyard view.

A large city retaining pond giving many opportunities for skating, bird watching, and enjoying the seasons

Here's our absolute favourite view so far:

We are excited about this place and hope to be moved by end of February.
This will give ample time for the farm house to get a face lift before our wee
family makes their move!

We couldn't be more happy to know that our precious grandchildren will
grow up on the farm we have loved for these past 42 years!

Speaking of the lock down, our little Noa shows up cheerfully each day
for her on-line schooling.

What a change it's been for all the school children, teachers and their families!
We enjoy the instagram and text message pictures of this process ...

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, and stay positive. We WILL get through this and roar into the 20s!

Friday, January 8, 2021

2020 Quilt Distractions

 2020 - the year I made quilts!

Little did I know that there would be lots of time during this unprecedented year
to cut up perfectly good fabrics and then sew them all back together again.
That's what quilting is - right?

On January 1, 2020 I started on this Bear Claw pattern
with the intention that this one is for my dear childhood friend, Nonie.
She visits regularly from Banff, Alberta with her sister and I'd always
wanted to make a quilt for her - this was the year.

Also made this Bear Claw pattern
in navy and white for myself.

These are both lap size so they were quick projects.

By the time Covid-19 lockdown hit
us in March, I had them done and 
ready to be taken to the long-arm quilter.

Nonie's quilt was sent to her in the mail.
I wanted her to have it and not wait for "who knows when" I'd ever get to see her again
during this Covid year with travel restrictions!
As it turned out, I am so very glad this got to her just before her unsettling diagnosis.
This quilt was meant to be - she is in my prayers every day.

My "Tree of Life" signature block

The Antique Lace pattern by Missouri Star was started in the Winter of 2019.
This full size quilt was for our own bed.
I fully expected this one to take me several years to complete.
2020 gave me all the time I needed to work on this quilt.
It has been long arm quilted and I'm saving it in hopes it will look fabulous on our new bed
that is on order - for our new house!
We move in March 2021. I still can't get my head wrapped around that fact.

While these quilts above were being worked on,
I was also using tiny scraps to make Kathleen Tracy's 2020 Mystery Quilt.
A mini quilt - 30" X 30"
Every month from January to June a new pattern arrived.
It was such a fun project and challenged my sewing skills.
I had scraps from several quilts so I made two ...

These two quilts also gave me free motion quilting practice on my little machine.

Debi, if you see this one
it's made from the scraps
of your quilt.
You may be getting this one?

Spring and Easter arrived - still in Covid-19 lock down,
so this little tulip runner just had to be made for my granddaughter.
Once again I used fabric scraps.
 These were from the quilt I made for her big girl bed - so fun!
This "Totally Tulips" pattern was from a tutorial by Missouri Star Quilts.
The best part - she recognized the fabrics.

On one of my trips to my favourite local fabric store I came upon this panel.
Another project in the making? Yup ...
I just added the star blocks to the panel and a few strips of matching fabrics
from the collection.
It was beautifully quilted by a friend on her long arm and awaits a future bed somewhere?
I have no idea why this fabric grabbed my attention - maybe because I love and
long to be on a beach somewhere?

I signed up for a 2020 "Wish You Well" Block of the Month quilt
by Gail Pan that started in January.
This quilt challenged me to get out my old embroidery hoop, tomato pin cushion, and floss.
I was determined to use up that floss ... however,
I ended up purchasing a whole new kit of floss - oh boy!
(the colours were so pretty and I just couldn't resist)

Every month a new patterned came in my email and I set out to do the
embroidery patches (about 3-4 per month).
My camping friends thought I was crazy, I think, when they caught me
embroidering in our dining tent on occasion.
This was so much fun - and I love the end result!
Still needs to be quilted (hopefully by hand this time).

Here it is airing on my washline ... it's another small size (only 40" X 53")
The farmer wondered where I'm going to put THIS one - I really don't know.

2020 was also a very busy time around this old farm.
The laneway Ash trees came down (they were dying from the Ash Borer disease)
and the wood piles grew.
Perfect backdrop for some of my 2020 quilts!!

Wood Pile Quilts of 2020

Well, if nothing else was a positive from this very strange year,
at least I have a few quilts to show for it.

Thank you dear readers for bearing with me on this post.
I know you have seen many of these pictures throughout the year on this blog
and on my instagram posts. Sorry for all the repeats.
It's my attempt at documenting the Covid quilt making year.
This may never ever happen again - so many in one year??

I won't even allow myself to look at the latest Missouri Star tutorial that
just popped up - "Sunshine Shoofly" - it's so pretty!

Today, I will pack up my sewing machine, fabric stash, quilting gear, junky/happy corner, and 
have it ready for the move ... I'd better get started before the day ends!
It could take me more than a day - yikes!
And, yes, I think I will have a sewing/craft room in our new digs - one can only hope!?
We'll have to wait and see.

My happy corner

Take care everyone .... stay healthy and safe
2021 will be an exciting year for this old girl.

Till next time .... packing, packing, packing!

Update - progress ...

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas 2020

 And so that was Christmas ... 2020!

A Christmas to remember in so many ways:

*on-line church services
*zoom and facetime gatherings
*on-line shopping
*non-traditional Christmas day menu
*Covid restrictions and lock-downs
*totally relaxed schedule (no parties or concerts to attend)
*last Christmas at the farm
*outdoor and porch gatherings
*a lovely snow fall on Christmas day
*hearts prepared for the reason for the season

A week before Christmas,
we enjoyed a bonfire gathering around the firepit
complete with hot chili, hot chocolate, mulled cider, and all the trimmings.
It was cold and dreary but so wonderful to see our Siblings/In-laws face to face,
mostly social distanced of course!
Thank you everyone for coming and for bringing all the yummies!

Hot Chocolate "Bar" ready to take outside

Pictures for our church's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Youtube:

This was a good thing since we never seem to take any pictures of ourselves.
The on-line service was wonderful and brought tears as we viewed the sweet candle-lit faces
of our church family.
We miss them all so much!

Mom's Hoosier Cabinet in it's traditional Christmas Eve decor:

So happy this piece will stay here with the farm. I think Mom would love it being passed down to the next generation!

Final touches to the "new" mailbox sign.
The smell of paint and stain,
bringing back many memories of finishing up projects before Christmas in years gone by.
During my "Noah's Ark Studio" days the kitchen table was filled with such things!

Christmas Day 2020

Christmas day came and we are ever so thankful that our wee family was able to come,
since we are all in the same bubble!

They're here!!!

It was a lovely day, fresh white snow, excited children,
good food and fellowship.
Blessed beyond ... and thankful!

Pickle hunters,
High and Low!

Final Advent candle lit.
I didn't have the proper candle colours 
this year but just used what I had.

Christ is born!

Boxing Day Text Message Pictures ... Love them so much!
First Day of our Province's 28 Day lock down - eek.

Be blessed my dear readers ...

Till next time ... here's to a healthy and happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Changin' times

"For the times, they are a changin'..."

Bob Dylan's words are resonating with me these days.

So much has changed over these last 10 months
and yet, some things remain the same as always ...

We live in a different world now,
a restless world with an uncertain future.

Talk of a vaccine brings some light and hope.

The sunset view from our SW facing bay window is always a welcome sight
but I look at it differently these days.

Sunday mornings are not the same and we miss our church family.

Our comfy home remains much the same
but with no friends and neighbours to welcome in during these Covid days,
it seems somewhat empty.

We are thankful that
soon this home will be occupied by our grandchildren,
with their wonderful parents.
It won't be "Papa's house" anymore!?

This old farm has been our home and life for over 40 years
and there have been many needed changes made during that time.

The fields produced good crops as they usually do,
but an uneasy feeling comes over me about what the future holds
with climate change and economic hardships.

The offer to purchase our new home was written on 10.20.2020
It seems these special date numbers often have some extra special meaning for us?
Perhaps just to help us remember significant occasions.

This is the time for change, even though we don't seem quite ready for it.
Is there ever a "right" time?
There is excitement in the air,
but with the subdued feeling of SO much to be done.

Some corners are getting cleaned and packed - long, long overdue.
Trying to keep things normal, as much as possible, until after Christmas.
Decor has taken on a much more reserved approach this year.

Mom's China Cabinet - a treasured keepsake!

There have been many trips/donations to the Thrift Store and many
trips to the local dump - also, long overdue!

Christmas is just a few weeks away.
We will enjoy these last "Christmas at the Farm" days.

We pray that the young family will be successful in selling their home
and that the transition will be smooth.

We are more thankful than ever to know with certainty that God never changes!

Till next time - let us remember the real reason for the season and realize how incredibly blessed we are!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 2020

 November 2020

Has been filled with beautiful sunsets

and a few sciffs of snow!

As the second wave of Covid 19 rolls over the world,
we were blessed with some summer like days to enjoy.

Affording some weekend day trips to our surrounding favourite spots,
like Elora, Ontario - always quaint and beautiful

The streets were bustling but the shopping was exhausting as one waited
in socially distanced lines at each little shop which only accepted a limited number
of masked shoppers at a time.
Our hands were sanitized in and out at each stop.
Covid shopping just isn't the same!
However, we enjoyed the unchanged scenery and beautiful Elora gorge.

One last convertible ride for the season was enjoyed as well.

And, one last bike ride for the season on the beautiful
G to G (Goderich to Guelph) rail trail.
We ran into so many people we know who had the same idea on this glorious afternoon!

My attempt at a selfie while riding!

Now as we near the end of this second last month of the year,
we pause to count our blessings,
we pause to savour all the sunsets from our living room window,
we pause to cherish our days on this old farm,
(all 41 years of them),
we pause as we anticipate many "lasts" and "firsts" to come in the next few months,
we pause to be thankful for how things are unfolding.

Yes, a move to the "burbs" is in our future
and this old farm will have new life with a second generation.
It's all good!

Future Farmer?

Today, November 22, 2020 the snow fell hard and fast,
creating a Winter Wonderland ...
and then this happened - our amazing neighbours pulled into the yard
with their beautiful team of horses and wagon to give us a magical
ride in the snow.
Noa and Sully were spellbound as were their Papa and Nammie!

Today, also, is her birthday, our one and only, our limited edition
who gave us a wonderful son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.
We love you so much Becky (to the moon and back)!
You are a wonderful daughter, wife and most loved mommy!
So, so proud of all you've become and are yet to be.
You have blessed us beyond our imagination.

Until next time ... stay safe and healthy dear readers. 

Lock Down Days

Lock Down on the move ... January 15, 2021 was an epic day for us, as we picked up the keys for our "new to us" house! With measur...