Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hola Guayabitos!

Hola from Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico 2019

We made it back to this "laid back" Mexican Fishing Town
after 7 years!
It's changed a bit but thankfully not too much.
Here is a link to 7 years ago!

Staying at the DeCameron, Los Cocos all inclusive resort made for
a relaxed Winter Get-Away.
Walks on the beautiful beach, no cooking, reading, and eating
3 square meals a day - oye!

While there, we took a Casa Cooking class in Betty Nunez's cozy kitchen in La Penita, 
a town adjacent to Guayabitos.
She taught us how to make the most delicious enchiladas
served with authentic sauces of green tomatillos and red plum tomatoes.
She also made and shared a family recipe of Guacamole - what a treat!
Thanks Betty - you are amazing.

Here we are enjoying  a home-made Mexican dinner. 

Guacamole made in the traditional molcajete (mortar & pestle)

Each day our beds were made, our room was cleaned and there
was some "towel art" left on our bed!

How do the maids do this?


While hearing reports from home
of -20C's or more, we enjoyed +20C's here!

Bedtime came early for us most nights but we stayed awake long enough to view the lunar eclipse on January 20th.
There was a surprising extreme high tide the next morning on our beach walk,
all due to the full moon eclipse?

We had early morning walks on the beach each day, where the fishermen
sold their daily catches,
enjoyed the buffet of foods at the resort and tried to get "our" same table
and waiter every meal.

Selfie lessons needed!!!

The Monday market shopping in the town square was so much fun.
Bought some great sun dresses (Mexican made by two sisters - TY Bikinis),
 and gifts to take home. The "TY" booth was always packed with women trying on dresses
as the men stood back in the shade.

Thankfully we had lots of suitcase space to take home our treasures.

La Penita also has a fabulous market on Thursdays and there we had a good feed
of fresh made churros (deep fried long donuts rolled in sugar - oh yum).
I need to learn how to make these!

This resort and area seems to attract mostly Canadians and lots from the Western Provinces.
We visited with some friends that we met here in 2012 who hail from Saskatoon area
and now rent a bungalow for 6 weeks in town. So great to see them again.
Many folks come year after year to this wonderful place.

Good times were had with our "old" friends forever!
Our meeting place! Let's do this again some year.

Till next time ....... Adios and stay warm!

Friday, January 11, 2019

And so that was Christmas!

If any readers are still out there,
forgive me for I'm feeling compelled to document
part of November and December of 2018
for my own records .......

I realize how sparse my posts have been and
literally have to look back at any pictures I took during the
last 4-6 weeks to simply even recall what has happened.
(hope I took enough to jog the old memory - eek)

We've been busy - need I say more?

A Condo Renovation - stay tuned.

Our sweet grandgirlie's first hair cut!

Our handsome grandbabie's first Christmas!

He is simply the sweetest little thing! (#vintage diaper panties)

A Christmas Eve Facetime Scavenger Hunt with Auntie Kira.

It was so sweet to watch as she followed the instructions to discover hidden treasures throughout the house!

Super creative.

A postponed Christmas dinner, due to sick children
and after several trips to the emergency dept.
(one with pneumonia, no less, the other with a bad cold)
So thankful they are on the mend now.

Some memorable moments
(including another of Racheal's famous cakes and one "copy cat" for
my brother's birthday).

I too have completed another trip around the sun.
Can't even believe how many times I've done it!
Can it really be 67 times???? 

I love Christmas!!!

Till next time ...... Happy New Year and many blessings in 2019!! Stay healthy and happy.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Flash Back to November

In a Flash is the only way that I can describe November!
It seems that I am unable to find the time to put together a proper post
and/or even get around to reading my favourite blogger's posts.
There have been a fair number of "dark cloud" days of late.

Has November been like that for you too, dear reader?

I had to look back at the pictures that were captured during this
past month to even remember what has all happened.
(not too many pictures were taken either - ugh)

November began with some
quilt piecing at the college where I used to work.
So great to see everyone again and to work
on this project which will be auctioned
at the annual M.C.C. Relief Sale
in May 2019.
The pattern is called "3 Dudes"
and the colours are bright and sunny!

Speaking of "Dudes" ...
this little guy is growing by leaps and bounds
and is a happy, cuddly
7 month old!

It seems like Winter crept up on us so quickly this year.
Some of the outside work will just have to wait till Spring.
The garlic was quickly planted by punching holes into the partially frozen soil!
Hoping it will survive.

The remaining weeks that flew by,
included an office party,

Charcuterie Board at the party - so pretty and delicious!

and church Christmas banquet,

the annual local little Theatre play kept me busy searching Thrift Stores
for appropriate costumes, helping to set up and then tear down the stage and props,

completion of a baby quilt project for a special little fellow that
made his debut just a few days ago!

Northcott Mountain Wilderness Panel.
My first attempt at incorporating a panel into a baby quilt.
Matching fabric strips and pieced "flying geese" strips to go with the wilderness theme!
Quilted by Kathy Janzen, on her long arm machine, who made this quilt sing!

throw in the beginnings of a complete Condo renovation (more to come on this project),

and last but certainly not least,
celebrating the 35th birthday of a special Daughter/Momma to our beautiful grand children!

Can't believe she's 35!

Christmas is coming ...

The decorating is happening at a snail's pace this year.
Now how to make time slow down to this pace too?

Praying for peace and contentment as I intentionally prepare my heart
for the reason we have this season.

God bless you all as you prepare too!

Paw Patrol Love!

Till next time (whenever that may be) .... stay safe and feel the joy of Christmas coming.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

October Days - Here and Gone

I seem to recall a while ago mentioning that I hoped the month of October
would co-operate and slow down!
Well - it didn't, of course!

I can't even believe how fast it went and how busy it was.
Not to mention, my new and stressful learning curve of trying to get used to
a new upgraded version on my MacBook Pro
(mine is considered a "vintage" laptop according to the Apple Genius - ugh)
It's a 2011!!! That's pretty new in my books - huh!
And I thought "dog years" were bad ...

It all started when I tried to upload my photo book project
which is no longer supported by my ancient upgrades.
Thankfully, my dear daughter walked me through the process,
even taking over my computer just like the pros and making
this photo book happen.

Well, back to October - here is how it went down ...

The Leis Family Thanksgiving Dinner
at a nephew's beautiful new home.

Complete with delicious fancy desserts!
Rachael's cakes are becoming famous during these family gatherings!

The annual church Beef BBQ (and pie) which helped us "raise the roof" repairs
money in the amount of over $10,000!!!!!

There was some soup and grilled cheese lunches with Papa ...

... and the first snow fall 

I caught my breath as I looked out the window to see her in her mommy's
1980's snow suit. It totally caught me off-guard and my heart skipped a few beats!

There was an 8 plus hour power outage.
Unplugged and quiet - such a pleasure (except for a wee chill in the house till the wood stove got fired up).

And then THIS happened!!!!!
How can he be 6 months already?

Aunt Viola's 88th birthday and painting party!
She is my mom's youngest remaining sister and we had such fun painting small "barn" quilts facilitated by my cousin in her studio shed!

Here I am with two of my sisters and our quilts ...
We missed you Marilyn!

Last Tuesday was a beauty and the "cornbine" as Noa called it
finally came .... much to the relief of the farmer!

We scooped up some of the spilled kernels and she played with them all afternoon!

The next day she was transformed into "Skye"
her favourite Paw Patrol character
complete with a Paw Patrol bucket!

October was good!!!! Busy, but good!

Till next time ..... here comes November!!! Oops - it's already Nov. 4th and dark at 5 p.m.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Root vegetables for Thanksgiving

My friend Anita's daughter, Melanie, just posted this 
yummy root vegetable recipe on facebook.

I had to try it! All the ingredients were in my fridge.
I made a small batch for the farmer and I today and
it did not disappoint. So flavourful and pretty.

Adapted from Melanie's recipe:

2 medium parsnips - chopped
2 medium carrots - chopped
½ turnip – chopped
1 large onion – chopped
3 stalks celery – chopped

Cook above in pot with 1-2 cups of water for 10 minutes till tender (turning down to simmer after it begins to boil).
Drain and save ½ Cup liquid in a small dish (I used my 2 cup glass measuring cup)
Put veggies into a buttered casserole dish

Add to the liquid:
½ Cup sugar
3 Tbsp. butter
½ tsp. salt
½ Tbsp. corn starch
1 tsp. nutmeg
Several grinds of pepper
Boil/microwave till thick and pour over veggies

Cover and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Melanie notes - she always doubles this recipe but not the sauce. She makes this ahead and then reheats it in a crockpot for their family's camping Thanksgiving Dinner! Yum....

This may well become a new tradition for Thanksgiving Dinner
for our family too. I will make this again for sure.

Now, the other new thing I made this week was a Ricotta Pumpkin Cheesecake.
Unfortunately it cracked!

Hoping it tastes better than it looks.
In hind sight it probably cracked
because I took it out of the oven too soon and it cooled too quickly?

Who knew?

I may also have baked it a tad too long.  Other hints on line are that you should bake it in a water bath to prevent cracking.
Have you ever made a Ricotta Cheesecake?

I hope this fix will do the trick ....

Pumpkin whipping cream sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice.
(extra topping saved for tomorrow morning's pumpkin latte)

Tomorrow our extended family will gather for a Thanksgiving Dinner/Feast.
My small contribution - homemade bread, pumpkin cheesecake, and 

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for ....

Till next time - Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family

Hola Guayabitos!

Hola from Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico 2019 We made it back to this "laid back" Mexican Fishing Town after 7 years! ...