Monday, April 8, 2024

Eclipse clips

 Did you experience today's eclipse?
Truly a once in a life-time experience.

My day began with a gathering for coffee with my fellow
retiree co-workers.
We try to meet once a month and it's always a blessing.
This morning was extra special on this "eclipse day".

Here are a few "clips" captured on my walk.
There was a strange light right at the time when the moon covered the sun,
lasting for about 3 minutes.
We did not get a total eclipse here in Stratford but it was very close.
The skies cleared just at the right time for the best viewing.

Weird Shadows 

The street lights came on

Folks gathered on the Theatre lawn to view

Eclispe on the Farm ....

Best picture of the day! Thanks for sharing this Patrick.

Oh, and one more thing ... this post happens to be my 500th!!

Till next time ... have a great week wherever you are.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Spring 2024 is Springing - as it should

February was mild and rather unpredictable.
March came and went (like a lamb both ways?)
April has arrived, with some showers
and even some snow!

It's been a busy almost 9 weeks since my last post 
and I can't tell you where the time has gone.

A sparse few pictures on my phone help remind me some of the highlights.

February brought warm sunny days with a few porch lunches,
even tho the porch cushions are yet to be put out.

Also a time for hockey games, kitten cuddles and sleep-overs.
These are a few of my favourite things 🎶🎶

My first ever quilt donation for the upcoming New Hamburg Mennonite
Relief Sale in May, was finished and safely delivered before the deadline.

Here is the quilt that was hand quilted by our church ladies, also for the May sale ...
A true beauty!

Beautifully pieced by Joyce Erb

February and March also caught me in the sewing room to work on
a few projects.
Here is a fun small quilt designed by our quilt club member,
Henny Bremer, who is becoming well known for her fabulous extra small scale quilts.
This was such a fun project.
It measures approx. 17" by 24" - the perfect size for hanging.

This quilt creates an optical illusion of curves!

This sweet little quilt might be hung in my slightly "refreshed" office space.
I purchased a new carpet and a wee display cabinet to make it more 
welcoming and comfortable.
I DO NEED to spend more time in here.
There is much work to be done ... the quilts are such a tempting
distraction and procrastination enabler - eek!

Am now in search of a nice office chair.
Should I go upholstered bucket type or perhaps a comfy wicker??
I hope I will know it when I see it!

Some crocheting projects were also a distraction this Spring.
Momma said the kids could use warm snuggly blankets so off to the wool shop
I went, with my dear friend Anita who is a crocheter extraordinaire!

Made just in time for Easter ...

Easter was very meaningful to me this year with a moving Maundy Thursday
evening service, Good Friday family gathering, Easter morning sunrise service,
and our wee family gathering for Sunday supper.
Complete with an exhilarating game of Bingo!!!

And of course, the annual butter lamb and onion skin dyed eggs!

And so, this is the beginning of Spring 2024.

So many dear ones on my prayer list right now ... humbled and praying!

Thankful for our Risen Lord ...

Till next time - being intentional and living this life one day at a time. 

My snuggle bunnies!!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Leaping into February!

Just turned the calendar page for February
and LOVE the caption for this LOVE month on the doorstep.

...  and, there were tulips at the grocery store today!!!

What could be better?
A sure sign of Spring to come.

Looking back over the past few weeks in January,
there were some good "stormy" days which allowed for
a bit of quilt piecing.
A difficult pattern for a novice like me.
Fabric and pattern donated by a friend.
I've dubbed it "Storm Daze".
Hoping to donate this one to the MCC Relief Sale auction?

It's at the quilters!

If nothing else, it sure got my quilting "mo-jo" going.
I have two more that are in the works so I may need just a few more snowy days?

Our pastor had us pick a "word for the year" the other Sunday
and mine was the word HARMONY.

A hymn sing last weekend, learning songs from the new Voices Together
Hymnal was a good start for this special word.
Thanks Ruth for inviting me to the Menno Singers event.
A "lonely heart" warming service of beautiful Harmony.

Today I spent time with a dear friend Kathy.
We shopped, lunched, ordered Theatre Tickets
for the coming season,
and it felt like a good way to start a new month.

Income tax prep is under way,
the home office is getting some new decor,
the grandchildren have a PA day tomorrow
(spa time has been ordered)
The weather man is promising sunshine this weekend!

Not so great, however, for the beautiful outdoor rink that is melting.

My favourite little hockey players!

I can't wait to see what February has in store.

Till next time - how is your leap year month shaping up? I'll be striving to "Live in the Light".

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

A Fresh New Year - 2024

"Another year over ... and what have I done?"


This quote from "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse"
by Charlie Mackesy,
touches me in this fresh new year ...

A nice way to started off the new year was a fun gathering of friends
for a Mexican themed party.
So many good treats with Enchilada's (made by my friend Jan),
Gary's homemade Salsa, Chicken tacos, Guacamole, Mexican Street Corn Salad,
and so much more.

Punch bowls ready for mock Margaritas and Pina Coladas

So nice to be able to gather again with this "gang"

Another trip around the sun completed for me!

A holiday sleep-over for wonderful moments to reconnect
and enjoy the last days of the school holidays.

My favourite days!!!

The sparkly lights, tree, and scant decorations have been stored away.
The extra pounds from wonderful gatherings and delicious food
has also been stored away - on my hips unfortunately - sigh!

The time is now, for me to get back into routine and to make 2024
a really good year.
I will soldier on and try to stay hopeful and gracious.
God is Good!

Till next time - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2023

So That Was Christmas!

Christmas 2023

First and perhaps last attempt at making a Yule Log.
It was yummy though.

The vintage Nativity Set always gives me joy ...

Mom's China Cabinet truly makes it feel like Christmas.
Oh how she loved that cabinet and I'm so privileged to be the "keeper" for now.
My skinny tree on the antique wagon fits perfectly beside it.

Christmas morning at the farm ... so much joy!
Brunch was delicious too.

Tasting the delicious cookies that came from Germany.

Truly blessed ... Happy New Year Dear Friends!!!

Till next time ... till next year ... stay well!

Monday, November 27, 2023

Oh November!

 It's been a bit "wonky" around here of late...

Crazy Christmas Trees Pattern by Karla Alexander

No matter how Wonky, it felt good to be back in my sewing room
to do some piecing and creating.
This Wonky Tree pattern has been on my wish list for some time.
A fun mystery bus tour to 3 quilt shops inspired me to gather some fabric for this project.

This "quilt in a day" did take me a tad longer than a day tho!
Even the free motion quilting (snow flake design) turned out a bit wonky.
But hey, I love it!

It was a good distraction from a very dreary November.

I can't lie - my emotions have been over the top!
I don't think I'll ever be okay in any November - sigh!

There was a bright spot however.
My one and only child turned - 40 - what!!??

I finished her quilt just in time.
She knew it was coming but hadn't seen it until the day.

Made from her Dad's shirts! Pattern aptly called "Farmer's Daughter"

Her hubby threw an amazing 40th birthday party.
This was a labour of love to say the least.

He has been working on uncluttering, cleaning and repairing the old barn on the farm.
It is an amazing transformation from old hay, old equipment, old everything to
a clean and useable space.
It has never looked so good.
It has been decorated with a beautiful serving area,
sparkling lights, furniture and even some carpets.
The perfect venue for a party ...
I will not be surprised to see many future gatherings and memories made
in this old bank barn.

It was chilly but hearts were warm

What a fun bunch - her forever friends!!!!
So thankful for this group - and so proud of them all.

Happy 40th to my Becky!
So glad you were so properly celebrated.

Today, November 27th, there's a sciff of snow and it's wintery.
Christmas is at the door!

Till next time ... enjoy the excitement and crush of the upcoming season. Stay calm and carry on!
                         Remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season. 

Monday, October 30, 2023

October World

"I'm so glad I live in a world where 
there are Octobers" by Anne with an E!

Trying to focus on the good things to be thankful for this October,
in spite of what is happening in our October world!!

Like fun dips in the spa with these sweet humans ...

Airing the freshly washed quilt to make room for cozy duvets and comforters ...

A visit to a local buggy making shop on a very interesting
"Up the Nith River" Amish history bus tour led by the amazing
Fred Lichti...

Helping at our church's annual church beef bbq supper ...

2nd year as "drive thru take out". Worked so well!

Inspired by my cousin Fran to make Mom's old fashioned
concord grape pie - seasonal for sure
and so delicious!

Here's the recipe:

3 Cups Concord Grapes – washed, stemmed and drained

1 Cup Sugar

3 Tbsp. Flour

1 Tbsp. butter - melted

1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

Pastry for 2 pie crusts (one for the lid - or just use crumbs for topping)

Remove skins and simmer pulp for 5 minutes.  Do not add any water to pulp.  While hot, press pulp through a sieve to remove the seeds.  Combine strained pulp with the skins.  Combine sugar and flour and add to grapes.  Blend in the lemon juice and melted butter.  Pour into pastry lined pie plate.  Cover with top crust or crumbs.

Bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Makes 1 - 9” pie.

To make crumbs, rub together 3/4 Cup Flour, ½ Cup Sugar and ¼ cup melted Butter.

Went on a quick little bike ride on the GtoG trail
with my friend Jan to see a newly installed bench ...

 And off we went to a great ABBA revisited concert with the Leis gals ...

Some sour dough baking whilst figuring out how to change a leaky
kitchen sink sprayer hose! Thanks Google for your help.

An awesome day spent with my little love while his sis played hockey
in her first season opener tournament...
Trains, Mexican Train games, stories, McDonalds lunch, and spooky skeletons.

Neighbourhood "under the sea skeletons" - eek!

Oh, and one more thing.
My infamous butter lamb got a wee mention in Marlene Epp's
recently launched book - "Eating Like a Mennonite"!
"From zwieback to tamales and from sauerkraut to spring rolls ..."
Congratulations Marlene!

And that, dear readers, was the rest of my October!

Till next time .... November be gentle!

Eclipse clips

  Did you experience today's eclipse? Truly a once in a life-time experience. My day began with a gathering for coffee with my fellow re...