Friday, March 27, 2020

The Quilting Chair

This is an old chair with much meaning. It holds the 
history of many generations who sat on it and quilted!

Recently our church was cleaning up the storage area and these chairs were needing to be removed.
The sewing circle of many generations used them to sit around the many
quilts and comforters that were made for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
and for the annual MCC Relief Sale.
The quilts are the highlight of these sales, raising thousands of dollars for relief
programs around the world.
These chairs were preferred by the ladies (many of them my aunts) because of their
slim and petite build.
They fit perfectly around the quilts.

When I had a chance to take one home as a memory - I was happy to oblige.
Thankfully a few do remain at the church, as requested by some of our senior sewers
who still like to use them.

Who knew that one day I would become interested in quilts and quilting?
I'm certainly old enough - that's for sure.

These past 2 weeks of self isolation have given me the chance to
finish up some of my quilt projects.

The chair gave me a perfect prop to photograph some these efforts.
I am by no means an expert quilter but do love to do the piecing on my sewing machine.
The tulip banner was made from fabric scraps left over from 
Noa's big girl bed and I took the challenge to quilt it free motion on my little machine.
Hope she'll love this wee touch of Spring!

The "Tree of Life" patches are sewn to the quilt backs as my signature label.
This one is currently at the quilters and will be finished soon
Bear Claw #2
Have added quite a few empty spools to this collection!

I am pleased to own this old chair and hope it keeps the quilt inspiration going.


This is certainly a stay where I am kind of Spring to remember!

So much has transpired these last few weeks.
We are currently on day 14 of social distancing and self isolation.
Only two very careful times out for groceries and fabrics at small local shops!
Alas, the fabric shops are now closed indefinitely as well.

Let's bind together and be reminded that God is in control and keeping us
covered in warmth and love during these days of uncertainty.

Can't wait to snuggle with these two loves again!

Till next time ... Stay Safe, Be Smart, and Stay At Home!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Lions, Lambs, and Snowy Owls

The end of February suddenly became very Wintery
with a huge stormy and snowy blast,
and I was sure that March would come in like a Lion!

However, it actually came in like a lamb with a warm sunny day.
Does this mean that March will also go out like a Lion?
I SO long for Spring ... just saying.

This beautiful snowy owl
doesn't seem to mind the Winter.

These beautiful birds have been sighted
quite frequently recently in our area.
So glad I was able to get this shot!

Speaking of snowy owls,
I've let my hair go "snowy" and am actually starting to get used to it.
I know that it makes me look older but I am, after all, older!
It still gives me a start on occasion when I look in the mirror and see all that silver!

I've been sewing with a bit of urgency as my Winter projects
are starting to come to an end.
This huge quilt is for our bed - I hope.
I have four more blocks to sew together and then need to assemble the quilt.
It might be another year by the time it actually get's totally finished.
It's been a fun project but now I'm not even sure I still like the fabric - eek!

16 of 20 blocks have been assembled so far.
4 more to go!


Our little lambs are growing up so fast.

They bring us so much joy!

A sure sign of Spring - Ontario's Maple Syruping has begun!

Till next time ... With the World's grim news these days, stay calm and healthy!
                          Perhaps our earth and climate crisis is in need of this "shut down" rest? 

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