Friday, February 25, 2022

His Shirts


It has been over 3 months now
and doesn't seem to be getting any easier
And, the World just keeps getting heavier ...

My little survival project these days is to 
cut and piece some of his many shirts.
They still smell like him and the collars are still stained.
How many times did I wash those shirts and iron for hours?

Hopefully a nice memory quilt or two will come of this ...
The colour and design scheme will be simple - light and dark fabrics
fashioned into half square triangles
in much the same theme - tans, blues, black, and white.
He never wore a red, purple or any other brightly coloured shirt,
 so it will have a subdued pallet - much to my liking anyway.

It may take me years to complete but at least there is a plan
And I don't have to part with them to the thrift store
 where no one will know what memories they hold!
Or how those shirt sleeves were filled with loving arms ...

Thanks to a dear friend Ardith for giving me the pattern!

I keep looking up with hope and determination amid the mire.
Daily prayers for strength and resilience.

How are you coping during this cold and never ending Winter?
Or are you somewhere warm and sunny?

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Till next time ... pray for peace. Love each other!

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