Saturday, March 30, 2019

Lambs and Lions

March slipped in like a lamb ...
and is roaring out like a lion!!!
It seems true what they say - the farmer's Almanac that is.

During all that "Marching" - so much has happened here on this old farm.
The month literally slipped by SO quickly and Spring is on our doorstep.
I have been totally unsuccessful in slowing down time.

Baby Sully turned 11 months old - what!!!!??
He's so sweet, cuddly, and loves to feed himself - with a good appetite I might add!

Always "dressed for dinner" in his tux bib!

We love him to bits.

Noa is growing like a weed and lights up our days with her delightful
stories, love of bird watching, playfulness, and sweet manner.

She can identify so many birds and loves to sit by the window watching them at the feeders.

"Cardnails" are her favourite!

We planted some Tomatillo and Ground Cherry Seeds.
That's what you do in March right?
The Tomatillos sprouted very quickly and have become long a leggy - not sure they will survive till planting time but at least we tried.

Hoping to grow some so we can make the special green sauce we learned to make in Mexico last month.

My baby sister Evelyn's baby girl Elysia is getting married so we had fun
showering her last weekend.
She is the youngest of 24 nieces and nephews.

It was a beautiful day and the room was filled with love and family!
Sisters, sister-in-laws, daughters, nieces and great nieces
Congratulations to the happy couple.
(Elysia is in the middle of the bottom right picture of the collage)

L-R My niece Chrissy, my sister Marie (wearing red and tan top), flanked by her two granddaughters and daughter-in-law, my youngest sister Evelyn (mother of the bride), and Ruby (mother of the groom) - watching the opening of the gifts.

The snacks and nibbles were delicious but the star of the table was
the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook"  party sandwich loaf.
It was posted quite some time ago - click on this link
and I've made it several times!
I adore the recipes and the ladies who have posted them on their blog website
and in their much treasured cookbooks!

Another sure sign of Spring was the sighting of a flock of migrating Tundra Swans in a 
field just down the road.

Today, I write this summary of March whilst waiting for a batch of
Mom's Coffee Cake dough to rise.
Hope it turns out - her's was the best.

Trying to chase the Lion part of March away - it's raining and threatening to snow.
The farmer has a nice warm fire glowing and we're staying in tonight.
All is well.

Till next time ... how is your Spring springing?

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