Friday, January 11, 2019

And so that was Christmas!

If any readers are still out there,
forgive me for I'm feeling compelled to document
part of November and December of 2018
for my own records .......

I realize how sparse my posts have been and
literally have to look back at any pictures I took during the
last 4-6 weeks to simply even recall what has happened.
(hope I took enough to jog the old memory - eek)

We've been busy - need I say more?

A Condo Renovation - stay tuned.

Our sweet grandgirlie's first hair cut!

Our handsome grandbabie's first Christmas!

He is simply the sweetest little thing! (#vintage diaper panties)

A Christmas Eve Facetime Scavenger Hunt with Auntie Kira.

It was so sweet to watch as she followed the instructions to discover hidden treasures throughout the house!

Super creative.

A postponed Christmas dinner, due to sick children
and after several trips to the emergency dept.
(one with pneumonia, no less, the other with a bad cold)
So thankful they are on the mend now.

Some memorable moments
(including another of Racheal's famous cakes and one "copy cat" for
my brother's birthday).

I too have completed another trip around the sun.
Can't even believe how many times I've done it!
Can it really be 67 times???? 

I love Christmas!!!

Till next time ...... Happy New Year and many blessings in 2019!! Stay healthy and happy.

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