Saturday, January 25, 2020

To Sourdough or Not to Sourdough

That is the Question!!!

When my girl mentioned that she would like to change
the way she eats bread
that sourdough bread would be better for her,
I took it as a challenge!

I have been making "Tuesday" white bread almost weekly.
This started when my Tuesdays with Noa days began!
We baked bread each week.

When I began to explore the method of developing sourdough starter
I almost gave up - there is just SO much information and
SO many youtube videos to navigate through!

OK - starter is simply flour and water, left to ferment for about 7 days
till it gets bubbly and yeasty.
My first attempt - after 7 days it had done absolutely nothing and
never started bubbling!!!
I threw it out (a quart jar full) and doubted my ability to make this.

Finally, after more reading, I found a starter recipe that used
a wee bit of instant yeast to get it going - it worked - too well!!!

Thankfully, I was able to salvage enough of this starter
which has become the "mother" starter so far.
I named her Levina!

The farmer felt like someone had moved in with us ...

This mixture needs tending. 
Daily or weekly feeding.
Lots of clean jars.
A baking schedule.

1st attempt:

I used all purpose flour and the bread turned out pretty good.

January 11, 2020

I don't have all the equipment
recommended but I used
my craft exacto knife to slash
the bread.

(You would be surprised at how many
videos I watched in order to know how 
to do this).

2nd attempt:

I mixed some dark rye flour into some of the starter to get a new 
variety going - still haven't found a good name for this one.
Perhaps I'll name it Grapes (for sour grapes).
I also, stocked up with some bread flour which is supposed to be better.

It seemed to take forever to rise and the dough had sort of dried and formed a skin.
I baked it anyway and gave it to my daughter to try.
She said it was good and no lumps in the loaf which I was afraid had happened.
It sure did look pretty though ...

January 12, 2020

3rd attempt:

Disaster - I made the Rye version but forgot to add salt.
Then I forgot to preheat the dutch oven.
And, forgot to slash the top.
Needless to say, it did not taste very good nor did it look good!
We used it for french toast and left some outside for the birds.

Today, I made another Rye variety loaf and I think it's a success.

January 25, 2020

Unfortunately, my daughter has declared no bread at all for the time being.
This means less bread baking and lots of "feedings" to keep these starters alive.
I think I'm too impatient, quick bread this is not!

**Taste note update - strong sour flavour but nice "crumb".  Not sure I like the rye bread one.

In the meantime, in the beginning of this new decade, I've been
keeping busy with a bit of quilting.

I truly am in my happy place when in my messy sewing corner!

One Bear Claw Quilt done, another started (blue and white), and a mystery quilt on the go.

How has your January/New Year been going?

It's been a strange Winter so far in 2020 ... mostly quite mild.
However, we did have a cold snap last week with some beautiful lacy frost.

Till next time ..... recouping from a lingering cold, sewing to my hearts content, and contemplating whether to pursue sourdough or not to.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!

2020 has arrived!

As we roar into this new decade, staying healthy is on my mind!
It's not a New Year's resolution - it's something I want to be intentional about.

Today was Christmas turkey bone broth day - the turkey's gold!
I'm hoping this healthy broth will give me the boost I need
to kick this 3 week old cold and cough!

This is the recipe I use to make it:  

It's not difficult to make. It just takes time ...

While the bones brothed, I worked on my Bear Claw Quilt.
The fabric was cut and ready to go before Christmas.
The sewing machine is out of storage and it makes me "sew" happy.
Here's a peek:

How was your Christmas?
It slipped by so quickly but not without some wonderful family times
and delicious food.
Sadly, very few pictures were taken over here!

It was all about these little loves ...
Our hearts are full!

Our little Angel in the church
children's program.

A wee reindeer arrived at our 
door on Christmas Day.

Home made play dough - the best! It had to be pink.

A great message for January 2020

Days are slowly getting longer and oh, those beautiful sunsets!!

Till next time ... stay healthy and happy.
Tomorrow - another year older - eek! How did I get so old?

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