Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Gift From Heaven!

Noa Marie arrived on July 17
and she has stolen our hearts!

Her Mommy and Daddy are bursting with pride
and Macie their dog is taking it all in stride ....

There are no words to express the love this Grammie feels for her ...
I loved her before she was born but holding her now is one of the best things I've ever experienced!
God is so good.

Till next time ...... enjoying every minute and cuddle I have been granted, here in their happy home.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Great Gaspé

Grab a cup of coffee - this is a long one!!!

We recently returned from a two week RV trip
around the Gaspé, Quebec Peninsula
and a visit to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

The air was pure and we breathed deeply
as Canada's East Coast took our breath away ....

First stop along the St. Lawrence was a pretty little village L'Islet.
We enjoyed our first Lobster Roll at it's quaint Trip Advisor recommended Bistro - a wonderful introduction to what was yet to come!

Lobster was in Season!

Bic National Park

100% Pure Nature!

Enroute we stopped for Captain Homard's
famous fried clams - thankfully we shared a plate of these ... 

Gaspesie National Park was a bit of a washout but beautiful in spite of the rain and cool weather.
We were able to stay dry and cozy in our Escape RV!

Beautiful Forillon National Park - Nature up close and personal!

It's stunning pebble beaches
and panoramic views from a very steep hike to a "nose bleed" high tower ...
literally took our breath away!

Next stop was Perce, Quebec
 with it's very recognizable Rock and Gannet Bird Sanctuary Island.
We had a great view of the Rock from our RV kitchen window!

This is where we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary with a delicious Lobster Dinner!

Lobster was in Season!

Then - on to New Brunswick ...

Next stop was Dalhousie at a private campground right next to the Lighthouse where on this very evening the local high school prom photo shoot was taking place.
The gowns and youthful energy was fun to watch.

We took advantage of "cracking" our precooked Lobster - it was a beauty and we didn't do too bad at getting all that deliciousness out of the shell.
Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo was on the menu for supper.
Our "meals on wheels" just went up a big notch!

Lobster was in Season!

After another rainy night we set off for Kouchibouguac National Park, an absolute jewel!
The coastal sand dunes provided miles of sunny beaches which we hiked several times.
We had the whole beach to ourselves - amazing!!!

Campbellton, Bathhurst, and Miramichi
were on our way to Fundy National Park.
What a beautiful drive through the heart of this forest green Province!
Pretty sure the air was pure oxygen - good thing too because we had lots of hiking 
and tide watching to do over the next few days.

Hopewell Rocks High Tide
Hopewell Rocks Low Tide - remarkable!

Cape Enrage Lighthouse - it was just SO pretty there!
Everything was lush and I kept stopping on our hikes to stoop and take pictures of all the pretty flowers - there was even a lonely rhubarb plant where once stood a long gone homestead.

"Stop ... go back" every time we spotted one of these beauties.

Many, many pictures of this bridge were taken - I couldn't get enough 

Our only regret was that we missed seeing St. Andrews by the Sea.
It was pouring rain and very cold on that day so we headed for home instead.
Someday we must visit that beautiful place.

Well - I fear I've kept you too long on this lengthy post .....
just a few more pictures of our "meals on wheels" - after all, a lot about this trip was about the delicious food and did I mention,

Lobster was in season!!

We did most of our own cooking in the RV and did not suffer from any boring meals ...
(we only had hotdogs once).

Each morning started with a Bodum coffee (sometimes when we had hydro service we used our little coffee maker but we much preferred the Bodum).

Hope your coffee lasted through this long post - if you're still here, thanks for your patience!

Till next time - if you have a chance to visit our beautiful East Coast, it's highly recommended by this blogger and her farmer!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers!

A weekend Project ....

I've had this old buggy for many years
and it's always needed some clean up and tender care.

It's usually parked in our outdoor sunroom,
and has been begging of late for a bit of sprucing up!

After-all, we might be needing it for a photo shoot soon?

It's not perfect but not bad for an amateur antique buggy 
restoration project....

Amazing what a bit of spray paint and new bumper pads makes.

Till next time ....... how's your weekend going?

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