Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hello June

A morning outdoor visit to Nammie and Papa's.
What a gift!!!!

We miss them so much...

This year's Relief Sale was cancelled,
but we were craving the special donuts - so we made some!!
The farmer did the glazing.
They were delicious and I must make them again soon?
Dilemma - we ate too many!

From the 1973 Relief Sale Cookbook binder!

Fresh Asparagus from the garden,
wrapped in Prosciutto and roasted to perfection!

Asparagus Quiche.
You can't see the asparagus because it's smothered
in all that eggy goodness.
Love cast iron "pies"!

A sweet gift arrived in the mail from my dear friend Nonie,
a childhood forever friend!

It even contained some fun things for Sully and Noa ... so thoughtful!

Nonie - we are all praying for you as you navigate this horrid disease!

June flowers have arrived and more are still to come.
This old farm is at it's best this time of year for sure!

June Flowers

The evening "moon flowers" are once again magically opening before our eyes.
It seems they start blooming right around dusk and that's also when the mosquitoes 
are the hungriest!

The garden is mostly up, the corn is filling in and everything is standing at attention today after the much needed but heavy rain last evening!

Thankfully no tornados, despite the warnings!

The peonies and chives weren't quite as happy about the heavy rain.

June's solstice is just around the corner and we are slowly
beginning to find our new normals in these pandemic days!
It's been 3 months now since isolation began.

The wind has changed today - could this be a sign of new beginnings?

Our hearts are heavy for this world tho we have faith in our Lord to keep us safe!

How are you all doing out there dear readers?

Till next time ... stop and smell the June flowers and pray for health and safety.

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