Sunday, August 23, 2020

Summer Days 2020

The end of July brought some beautiful weather
and time spent at "Papa's House" as dubbed by Sully.

Our daughter had some long awaited surgery
and during her convalescence our little loves stayed with us for several days.
There were picnics, bike rides, ice-cream cones, a weiner roast,
and lots of hugs and kisses ... what a special time!
Mommy was able to rest and heal while we had all the fun.


We experimented with food colouring Queen Anne's Lace flowers.
(have you ever tried this?)

And climbed on some huge straw bales in the neighbour's field.

Sully wasn't so sure about this and it was a bit itchy.

This boy loves to be outside!

And then ...

What to our wondering eyes did appear ...

... a daddy dinosaur in the back yard!!??
There were some screams and giggles.
Noa was skeptical - she noticed the shoes
but Sully believed as he clung tightly to Papa.
The best part were the treats that the scary creature left behind!

Did I mention how much fun and excitement we had!!!?

Minions showed up in the big M's happy meal - who knew?

Late night "Go Fish" game in the RV "sleep over" time.
She is a good little player.

This was a great opportunity and I hope we can have many, many more
special times such as these in spite of these uncertain times.

I think they were happy to go home and Nammie and Papa prepared the RV
for a bit of a get-away to the Lake with friends.

The littles too had a fun escape to their cottage ...

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the canning has begun.

Pickles from the market/tomatoes from the garden

More canning to do in the next few weeks - zucchini relish, fruit relish, beets and corn.

The new dishwasher has been installed - how did I ever do without it?

The summer days seem to be fleeting ... 
but the garden bounty makes this such a great time of year.
Thankful for the opportunity to grow and preserve some of our own vegetables.

My garden jewellery

I shall hang on to these summer days that offer outdoor visits and socializing
as long as possible!

Covid 19 has changed the way we do things. Let's stay positive, thankful, and safe!

Just as I choose to wear a seat belt in my car for safety,
I choose to wear a mask while shopping and when indoors when social distancing
is not possible.

Every life is precious.

Till next time - stay calm as back to school anxiety creeps in. How are you all coping?

One more sweet summer picture:

"Waterlogue"d beauty

But ...

But we weren't done with our lives yet ... We hadn't really settled in to this new house yet There were new neighbours yet to meet a...