Sunday, August 28, 2022

August Interlude

August 2022 is on it's last days.
It's been a busy and fulfilling month with visitors,

My friend Jan and our Kentucky friend Debi at a local Lavender Farm

It was a joyful and emotional reunion with our dear friends from Kentucky.
They missed the last 2 years of coming every year for the past almost 4 decades!
Oh how I've missed them and how different our visit was without our beloved farmer.

Honora from "Pondside"

Still pinching myself for having this face to face visit with Honora
from Victoria, B.C.
I met her virtually because of her wonderful blog and instagram posts!
We had such a lovely morning, one that I will never forget.
Thanks for coming and spending some of your time with me.

much needed rain showers with rainbows,

"grand" times,
my joy ...

Sour dough stretching with Noa

Baking "miriam bread" with Sully

"Moonlight Madness" community evening in Milverton

Sister time to finish a quilt for
her granddaughter!

2 hour commutes can't stop us!

There were many walks, art in the park, live theatre, 
green lawns, flowers, hot tub soaks,
and some much needed down time ... 

Art in the park - I know, I know - the trees are beginning to whisper autumn!

Admittedly there were sad days,
 bad news days,
lonely days,
frustrating computer woes,

 but ... all in all August 2022 was mostly good!

God is so Good Always!

Till next time ... ALWAYS stop to count your blessings!

"Three Pines"

Bookstore Painting And - we're off ... Yvonne and I - ready to board the bus   ... on a four day adventure to Quebec's Eastern Towns...