Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring Joy!

Our sweet boy, Sullivan James
turns ONE today!!

The time has gone by so quickly.

Sully you are a joy and you delight our hearts every day.

We thank the Lord each day for you and for your amazing big sister, Noa.
How did we even ever deserve this? God is so good!

We love your sunny disposition,
your warm snuggles,
your sparkling blue eyes,
and everything about you!

May God bless you and keep you - we love you Sully Bear!

Photo credits go to Sully's Daddy!!!

Till next time ..... Counting our blessings and wishing you much Spring Joy!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Maple Surple Time

Spring is in the air.
We know this:
Because it's Maple Sugaring time!

One of our favourite producers
here in our neck of the maple woods!

Apparently this has been an exceptional year
 (due to the extra warm and long summer of 2018 and perfect mild days and frozen nights this Spring?).

Because the Stratford Swans have been "piped"
and marched down to the Avon River!

Guided to the water by their elderly "keeper". A wonderful annual Spring ritual!

Best Swan Parade viewing spot!

Because the Pussy Willows are in bloom!

The farmer picked a huge bouquet for me.

Because the chives have grown an inch in the last
two days!

Because there's an urge to make Mom's special Fett Kucha (donuts) to dunk into that sweet maple syrup!
(A Swiss Mennonite Easter traditional treat - at least it was in our family)
My sister's picture is below ... she has inherited Mom's good cooking genes!

Fett Kucha by Evelyn

Because Easter preparations are underway!
Onion skins are being collected to colour the "bunny eggs".
Dinner plans for the Easter Ham menu.
Family gathering plans.
Our hearts are being prepared for this very special upcoming Holy Week.

Because the butter lamb carving needs to be put on the to do list!

The 2017 Easter lamb!

and oh so many other signs of Spring!
Even though, the temperatures are still staying quite cool
and the weather forecaster has threatened more possible snow flurries on the way.

Till next time ...... how are your Easter preparations coming along? What are some of your family's traditions? Has Spring arrived where you are?

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