Monday, February 13, 2023

Love doesn't Die ... People do

 ... So, when all that's left of me
Give me away!

This quote from Merrit Malloy's Epitaph

When I read this, I was in need of windshield wipers on
the inside of my glasses.

On this eve of Valentine's Day I am mindful of the great loves
I've had in my life, from the unending love my dear
parents bestowed on me, the love from friends and family,
the love from my dear departed partner, the love from my child
and her children and husband, and from the unending love
from my Lord and Saviour.
How did I deserve so much love?

My loves

Jim and I were never ones to make much of a fuss on Valentine's Day,
however, we tried to celebrate by having a nice dinner together and
sometimes there were flowers given.
The steadfast love was all we really needed.

Ottawa 2019

Now I look for him ... in the flowers, birds, sunsets, butterflies, and
in the people he loved too.

This morning when I made my coffee - I thought of he who always
made it for me.
He was the early riser. The bed held me a bit longer.
And so it is!

Today I will buy myself some tulips to remember,
prepare a nice meal for dinner,
take a long walk along the river,
reach out to a hurting friend or two
(there are so many),
and set aside some time to sew, read or paint.

And, oh yes - I need to start preparing my income tax papers ...
the things he always looked after.

Much love to you all as you count YOUR blessings
this Valentine's Day.

Till next time ... hug someone tight today, on Valentine's Day, or any day! 

"Three Pines"

Bookstore Painting And - we're off ... Yvonne and I - ready to board the bus   ... on a four day adventure to Quebec's Eastern Towns...