Thursday, December 16, 2021

Life Goes On

In spite of it all - Life goes on...
The new and uncharted chapter has begun

Christmas awaits
One month has passed
Still doing one day at a time - but without him!

Some decorating and a bit of baking has occurred

Mom's China Cabinet has some new decor and meaning in it's new home

A gifted "Vigil" will forever tug at my heart.
Thank you to my dear sister-in-law - Marilyn,
the kindest, most thoughtful person you could ever meet!

An overflowing keepsake box of love
I weep as I read the beautiful words of sympathy and encouragement.
Thank you each and every one for taking the time to 
write and send these love notes.
There are no words that describe my deep gratitude.
I will treasure these forever!

And then came the shock of the "home" farm barn fire
Within minutes it had burned to the ground
No one was hurt and the dairy herd had been sold 3 weeks prior
The house and sheds were saved.
Thankful and sad ...
This was where the farmer grew up - just down the road from our farm
and where Jim's brother Paul and Charlene live.

An unexpected find was this print.
Was I directed to this store by the Divine?
It is exactly what we had looked for and hoped to find one day.
Our honeymoon, the red canoe, Northern Ontario, one oar ...

I am busy ... which is good for now.
There is much to do and new routines to establish.
I know that we will all get through this painful period of grief
but how, I am not at all sure.

My joy comes in the small packages called grandchildren.
They and their parents, whom I could not do this without, sustain me.

May the blessings of Christmas reach you all, dear readers.
Stay well.

Be still and know the Reason for the Season.

"For unto us a child is born"
Isaiah 9:6

Till next time ... life will continue to go on.


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