Monday, January 3, 2022

But ...

But we weren't done with our lives yet ...

We hadn't really settled in to this new house yet
There were new neighbours yet to meet
and walks in the park and visits to the local coffee shops to do
I'll continue to walk as much as I can. It heals and calms!

And some years to help the kids with the farming
Watching the grandchildren grow up on the farm
how do we do this all without his expertise?

And maybe one more trip - to England, that was cancelled in Spring of 2020
His voided passport was delivered to my door on Christmas Eve!

We had even thought that a year of Voluntary Service might be in the works?
Could it still be a possibility for me?

There were dreams of travelling across our beautiful country
in our little house on wheels.
More camping trips with dear friends.
The camper will now be loved by the new owners as much as we did!

Gently slowing down to enjoy our retirement years
Staying up late to read or watch a movie and then sleeping in.
the movies just aren't the same when you watch them alone.

Using our new place in the city as a gathering place.
Extending the table to friends and family.
Oh, the possibilities ...
who knows what the future holds?

But - here I am, having just completed my 70th trip around the sun as of today,
feeling blessed and humbled by all the good wishes from so many loved ones,
a crisp winter birthday walk around the river with sisters-in-law,
mountains of text, facebook, calls, and iMessages,
still able to enjoy the good things in life,
holding on to good health during this pandemic, 
and intentionally feeling all the feels of this momentous day.

It's time to shift gears - find my rhythm - read my Bible
and, be thankful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.

But - - - never to forget a life that was well lived and shared with me!

A 70th Birthday to Remember!!
So many gifts and cards - and, a cake with blue icing!

Till next time ... no more buts about it!


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