Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 2020

 November 2020

Has been filled with beautiful sunsets

and a few sciffs of snow!

As the second wave of Covid 19 rolls over the world,
we were blessed with some summer like days to enjoy.

Affording some weekend day trips to our surrounding favourite spots,
like Elora, Ontario - always quaint and beautiful

The streets were bustling but the shopping was exhausting as one waited
in socially distanced lines at each little shop which only accepted a limited number
of masked shoppers at a time.
Our hands were sanitized in and out at each stop.
Covid shopping just isn't the same!
However, we enjoyed the unchanged scenery and beautiful Elora gorge.

One last convertible ride for the season was enjoyed as well.

And, one last bike ride for the season on the beautiful
G to G (Goderich to Guelph) rail trail.
We ran into so many people we know who had the same idea on this glorious afternoon!

My attempt at a selfie while riding!

Now as we near the end of this second last month of the year,
we pause to count our blessings,
we pause to savour all the sunsets from our living room window,
we pause to cherish our days on this old farm,
(all 41 years of them),
we pause as we anticipate many "lasts" and "firsts" to come in the next few months,
we pause to be thankful for how things are unfolding.

Yes, a move to the "burbs" is in our future
and this old farm will have new life with a second generation.
It's all good!

Future Farmer?

Today, November 22, 2020 the snow fell hard and fast,
creating a Winter Wonderland ...
and then this happened - our amazing neighbours pulled into the yard
with their beautiful team of horses and wagon to give us a magical
ride in the snow.
Noa and Sully were spellbound as were their Papa and Nammie!

Today, also, is her birthday, our one and only, our limited edition
who gave us a wonderful son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.
We love you so much Becky (to the moon and back)!
You are a wonderful daughter, wife and most loved mommy!
So, so proud of all you've become and are yet to be.
You have blessed us beyond our imagination.

Until next time ... stay safe and healthy dear readers. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

October 2020

And - that was October 2020!


The embroidery hoop and thread came out to play ...
it's a BOM (aka Block Of the Month) quilt project by a beautiful designer,
Gail Pan Designs The project is called "I Wish You Well"
I'm trying to keep up with the monthly embroidered patches (approx. 3/month)
and then it all gets pieced into a quilt at the end.
Just one more month to go.
It's been many years since I've done any sewing of this type and am really enjoying it.
Thankfully, I can google tutorials on how to do certain stitches.
We used do this on tea towels and pillow cases and enter them as exhibits for the local fall fair.
Grateful that these pieces won't be judged - I really have had to relearn so much.

 Thanksgiving was very low key this year.
Just us and our sweet "bubble" family.

Our talented son-in-law bbq'd the brined and perfectly seasoned turkey
and we enjoyed it with all the trimmings.
What a treat!

She came early before the meal, while her little brother napped
to have a special alone playtime with Nammie's "Sunday Toy".
It seemed appropriate that she also was wearing her pretty rainbow sweater.

It was a great Thanksgiving Day!! 
Oh, we have SO much to be thankful for ...

And then, before we knew it, the end of October arrived
and Hallowe'en was here, with a clear Blue Moon night!

Daddy and Sully recreated Back To The Future costumes, complete with the DeLorean car
created by Patrick's mom!

"Marty" and "Doc"

Noa and Mommy reused some Back to the Past, 1980's Disney costumes and hats.
This costume was worn by Mommy when she was the same age - 5!

The farmer and I quickly grabbed some costumes too so we could 
be dressed for handing out the candy!

A Police Officer and Moira Rose - lol
It's handy having some silly things saved in the old trunk upstairs.

I used to have dark hair like that!

October had some other tricks up it's sleeve ... you'll have to stay tuned for it.
It will be a very exciting 2021 project.

In the meantime, I'll plug sew away at my embroidery patches
and maybe even re-do some of the earlier ones.

This morning - November 2 - eek!

Till next time ... "to remember is to work for peace"

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