Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rags to Quilts!

The "Jean Pile" that's been growing and multiplying
in my closet for decades it seems, is finally being repurposed!

The farmer's long legs made for a good supply of denim
except for the blown out knees, bad stains and splatters of paint.
The dark denim was cut from some of my old jeans that I've "outgrown" - a-hem!

A denim rag quilt caught my eye in one of my favourite local fabric shops
and I was delighted to find out that a class to make this project was upcoming!

It was time to start using this stash of old denim jeans ...

We needed to choose some flannel
fabrics for the back of the quilt.


Our teacher, Rosalynn, showed us how to plan the back of this reversible quilt (ragged on both sides).

I should have paid more attention to this part.

It was fun to see the other sew mate's choices - all so pretty!

It snowed and snowed - the perfect day for sewing!

With all the left-over scraps, pockets and seams that were trimmed from the jeans
I was inspired to do a bit of crafting ...

Amazing what a bit of bejewelling glue and bling can do for a jeans seam?

I love wearing it!

The pockets made a sweet little shoulder purse or caddy for my scissors and such!

I've put the scraps away now in case I get distracted again from all the other things needing to be done around here.

Many hours later, lots of "schnibbles" all over the floor/washer/dryer, a blister from snipping those seams, a good coating of denim dust throughout the house, and a wee error in the back of the quilt ....

It's finally done, mistake and all!

The denim fabric rags so beautifully.

Till next time ....... have yourself a most wonderful Valentine's Day. May the love of family and friends bring you much joy and contentment. God is Love!

Nammie's new picnic blanket!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kitchen Renos

A long anticipated kitchen reno is underway ...

First came the new stove and now the new
countertops have been put into place.

The dishwasher needs to come out and the old counter top is being unfastened.

Within a couple of hours the new counter top (granite) was carefully set into place
by expert installers.
They came a few weeks earlier to measure with a precise laser machine thing and
everything was cut perfectly, including the exact holes for the taps and sink.
It's called Titanium granite and has some beautiful quartz marbling throughout.
The leathered finish on the stone gives it a beautiful look and we can't stop "petting" it!

My lowered Baker's counter (cause I'm short - smile)
A few more additions are being built this week, 
an island to replace the harvest table,
and a chimney cupboard for storage
(ironic since I really should be getting rid of some things and need "less" storage - sigh).

In the meantime we are putting on a fresh coat of paint,
deciding on a light fixture for above the island,
choosing stools,
and picking out some back splash tile.
Still lots to be done ... stay tuned.

Wanted to share a Cubano sandwich I was inspired to make after reading about
it here on That Skinny Chick Can Bake.  I love her blog!

I even managed to find a Cuban bread recipe that I had to try.
Must be because I had new counter tops to play on that I took the time to make this.
It was delicious - I will be looking for this sandwich on the menu
when we head South this winter!

Our little love is sick with a bad cold this week.
She is such a little darling and manages to keep a good attitude even when sick...
Love her so much!

Till next time ..... stay healthy and warm.

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