Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas 2020

 And so that was Christmas ... 2020!

A Christmas to remember in so many ways:

*on-line church services
*zoom and facetime gatherings
*on-line shopping
*non-traditional Christmas day menu
*Covid restrictions and lock-downs
*totally relaxed schedule (no parties or concerts to attend)
*last Christmas at the farm
*outdoor and porch gatherings
*a lovely snow fall on Christmas day
*hearts prepared for the reason for the season

A week before Christmas,
we enjoyed a bonfire gathering around the firepit
complete with hot chili, hot chocolate, mulled cider, and all the trimmings.
It was cold and dreary but so wonderful to see our Siblings/In-laws face to face,
mostly social distanced of course!
Thank you everyone for coming and for bringing all the yummies!

Hot Chocolate "Bar" ready to take outside

Pictures for our church's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Youtube:

This was a good thing since we never seem to take any pictures of ourselves.
The on-line service was wonderful and brought tears as we viewed the sweet candle-lit faces
of our church family.
We miss them all so much!

Mom's Hoosier Cabinet in it's traditional Christmas Eve decor:

So happy this piece will stay here with the farm. I think Mom would love it being passed down to the next generation!

Final touches to the "new" mailbox sign.
The smell of paint and stain,
bringing back many memories of finishing up projects before Christmas in years gone by.
During my "Noah's Ark Studio" days the kitchen table was filled with such things!

Christmas Day 2020

Christmas day came and we are ever so thankful that our wee family was able to come,
since we are all in the same bubble!

They're here!!!

It was a lovely day, fresh white snow, excited children,
good food and fellowship.
Blessed beyond ... and thankful!

Pickle hunters,
High and Low!

Final Advent candle lit.
I didn't have the proper candle colours 
this year but just used what I had.

Christ is born!

Boxing Day Text Message Pictures ... Love them so much!
First Day of our Province's 28 Day lock down - eek.

Be blessed my dear readers ...

Till next time ... here's to a healthy and happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Changin' times

"For the times, they are a changin'..."

Bob Dylan's words are resonating with me these days.

So much has changed over these last 10 months
and yet, some things remain the same as always ...

We live in a different world now,
a restless world with an uncertain future.

Talk of a vaccine brings some light and hope.

The sunset view from our SW facing bay window is always a welcome sight
but I look at it differently these days.

Sunday mornings are not the same and we miss our church family.

Our comfy home remains much the same
but with no friends and neighbours to welcome in during these Covid days,
it seems somewhat empty.

We are thankful that
soon this home will be occupied by our grandchildren,
with their wonderful parents.
It won't be "Papa's house" anymore!?

This old farm has been our home and life for over 40 years
and there have been many needed changes made during that time.

The fields produced good crops as they usually do,
but an uneasy feeling comes over me about what the future holds
with climate change and economic hardships.

The offer to purchase our new home was written on 10.20.2020
It seems these special date numbers often have some extra special meaning for us?
Perhaps just to help us remember significant occasions.

This is the time for change, even though we don't seem quite ready for it.
Is there ever a "right" time?
There is excitement in the air,
but with the subdued feeling of SO much to be done.

Some corners are getting cleaned and packed - long, long overdue.
Trying to keep things normal, as much as possible, until after Christmas.
Decor has taken on a much more reserved approach this year.

Mom's China Cabinet - a treasured keepsake!

There have been many trips/donations to the Thrift Store and many
trips to the local dump - also, long overdue!

Christmas is just a few weeks away.
We will enjoy these last "Christmas at the Farm" days.

We pray that the young family will be successful in selling their home
and that the transition will be smooth.

We are more thankful than ever to know with certainty that God never changes!

Till next time - let us remember the real reason for the season and realize how incredibly blessed we are!

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