Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wintery Saturday

Winter's Garden

Time to feed the birdies!
 It's double digit December and Winter has definitely set in.  The pretty white covering of snow makes the garden look so lovely.  It's all good though!
Spinach Smoothie for Breakfast....
The bird feeders have been filled....
The nuts 'n bolts are roasting.....
The firewood is getting brought in....
The housecleaning WILL get done sometime today....if I would just quite clicking the keys!
Office curling party tonight.....

My little helper!  She's camera shy.
The Holly has never been so beautiful!

That's quite a pile of wood there farmer man!!  I know, put the camera down and come and help!



  1. looks awesome, mom!! I can't wait to be home! :) - becky

  2. your place looks so beautiful and cozy! Have a wonderful Christmas you guys! Love you lots! A & G Nafziger

  3. I recognize that beautiful china cabinet!!! You have such an amzing gift of decorating!!

  4. aaah great the smell of home baking and a wood fire in farm house what a true winters day. some farm houses have different smells like kerosene smoke stale beer and dead mice

  5. It looks like you have enough wood to keep the home fires burning for some time! Enjoy the season.

    About the collages...I always use Picasa for doing collages. It's a free program...and easy to use for doing collages (all different styles) and also for writing on photos.

  6. I loved your last comment. I could hear and feel that wagon full of wood...being chopped up and you with your camera looking for the right pose.
    Some of us might be better in the kitchen.
    I liked your winter theme.


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