Saturday, April 21, 2012

33 Years Ago Today!

Then - aerial photo
Today, April 21/12

33 years ago today
we made an agreement
on the back of an April 1979
to buy our home, our farm!!!

The agreement was written out twice on the
of the calendar page.

It was cut in half and each 
party kept one half as the official 
"buying of the farm"
Can you believe that!!!  No Real Estate
Agent needed!

We had always admired this
100 acre farm
with it's perfect location just down the road
from H's family dairy farm.
We loved how it was set back from the road
and liked the way the buildings were placed.

One day we "dropped" in to see the bachelor
owner and told him if he ever 
thought of selling his place, 
we would love if he would contact us first, 
never thinking this would happen.
This was the farm where he grew up on
and he had no plans to leave it!
Well, what do you know, but he met a woman!
She was recently widowed and had
her own farm!
To make a long story short, he called us!!!!
We had no doubts that this was the place for us
(even though at the time, interest rates were double
digits and rising daily which made for some
major "pacing" while making mortgage arrangements).

My father-in-law was thrilled and helped us
buy this humble place.

We have made many changes in the past 33 years but
it felt like home right from the start!

We even have the very old deeds to the farm, dated as far back as
1904, 1924, and 1932!

How very blessed we have been
to call this our home for 33 years!

Rhubarb at 6 weeks!
It's been growing here well over 33 years.......

Till next time ........... hoping for another decade here!


  1. What a wonderful story, Rosella. I doubt that most people would be able to say that they drew up an agreement to transfer property in such a friendly and trusting way. The farm was meant for you - and it looks like a beautiful place. May you and your family enjoy decades more on that land.

  2. So great! I cannot believe its been that long! It's so beautiful! Anita n.

  3. Oh for the days when a firm hand shake meant more than any wordy document written in legalese. Great story.

  4. Wow now that's a deal you wouldn't see happen very often these days. I'm glad it all worked out for you to get the farm! Great story. Nothing like a woman to mix things up. Love those old deeds. Congrats!!

  5. What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate!!! You are certainly blessed to own this fabulous property...where many memories were made!

  6. What a story. One of simpler times and ways, and trust. Congrats on your anniversary, and wishing you many, many more!

  7. Rosella...what a story. Many years of memories have filled many calendar pages since you made that agreement. Happy Anniversary.....this is worth celebrating!

  8. What an amazing story.the simpler days seem to have been lost in legal and more confusing terms than ever befor.i remember the days on the farm when a niebor needed help all the niebors seemed to be more than willing to get together and help,may be because thats the way we kept up with local gossip,being there were no cellphones to text each other,no computers to post the latest happenings.With all this technology we seem to miss the most important part and that is the human contact we had witheach other.Face to face eye to eye is still the best communication and trust

  9. Oh, I love this story! I don't think many agreements of sale are written on the back of calendar pages anymore. The farm was obviously meant for you. It looks like the perfect spot to call home!

  10. Me too...this was so interesting how everything came together for your family farm. At first I thought it was your anniversary, but those are special milestones also. There's no place like HOME!


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