Monday, April 16, 2012

5 of 5

My almost finished quilt top

Tonight was the last night for the quilting classes that I've been taking.  We had 5 classes and tonight we finished sewing together the blocks and borders.  I was a bit behind so didn't get my outer border done - will have to finish that on my own!  There were 3 of us taking the class and we all ended our last class at different stages.  It was such fun and I met 3 wonderful women and learned so much!

Nancy working with gorgeous fabric
Suzanne was our hero - she finished her's tonight!
Loretta - our fearless leader!

Till next time .......will leave the sewing on my dining room table so that I am encouraged to finish it! 


  1. quilts look yours will be kept forever by who ever is lucky enough to recieve it.what a great talent people have to create such beautifulmemories.get that done and give it someone special.bye for now

  2. I'm always impressed with other people's handiwork! Good for you for taking the class...

  3. One stitch at a time. I bet you have had a lot of fun at your classes. I'm with Ellen....impressed by other's handywork.

    1. Thanks Ellen and Kathy - don't look too closely at the squares lol but it was fun - we felt like we were on Coronation Street with our machines ahumming!

  4. Boy, you would have enjoyed looking at the hundreds of quilts this weekend! I don't know, maybe there were a thousand. It looks like so much work to me, but must be a very satisfying accomplishment. Your quilt is beautiful! It's almost done!

  5. Wow, you are all so talented!!!

  6. OK...that looks like a fun way to take a quilting class. But between work, my little boys and weddings...I think i will have to wait for Fall. I actually would like to learn to knit first...but we'll see.
    Oh, I loved that bowl from your mother on your last post. I do that too..It's fun to share those memories.

  7. I'd love to take a quilting class - like Marg....perhaps after the wedding is over....