Saturday, April 7, 2012

Airing the Quilts

Today is sunny and crisp - the perfect day to air my antique quilts.  The first one is very old and was my husband's Grandmother's.  I thinks it's absolutely beautiful!  The second one called "bridal bouquet" was hand pieced by a 90 year old lady in 1945 - she charged my mom $2 for the piecing!  You can't even buy thread for that anymore!  Someone else hand quilted it for $7 - can you imagine?!!

This is the quilt that I'm working on right now.  There are three squares in this beginner's "sampler" quilt.  Not sure what the patterns are called (I think the one on the top right is called Flying Geese).  I will try to find out at my next class.  It's a lot of fun and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Total cost for class and fabric (including HST) = $96.20!!!!   EEK - just a tad more then my Mom's!

At least I'm relearning how to use my relatively new machine and it may spark a renewed interest in sewing.  Who knows?

Just made a quick lunch - nothing is better then a simple salmon salad sandwich, with arugula, pea sprouts, pickles and sliced veggies on a busy Saturday!  I think I'll leave the dishes, the sewing where it is and head outside to do a bit of digging in the flower beds - the sun is calling me outside.  Might have to get out of my PJs first though - smile!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday - my heart is full of joy!

Have an amazing blessed Easter!


  1. oh my Rosella ... I'd be stalking your line for my book ;-) BEAUTIFUL!!!! That first quilt is especially stunning. Isn't it just the best thing about spring ... getting everything out on the line ... bringing the spring air in. What do people without clotheslines do? lol

  2. Thanks Ev - I do love to be able to hang out my wash. Not sure it's bookworthy however....your book is so beautiful. I've added the link below for the book - hope it works and that you don't mind me doing so. I need a techie to help me with this stuff!!!

    Here is the link to Ev's LIFE LINES book - if this doesn't work you can google "Life Lines" by Ev Scott!

  3. That quilt really is a beauty for sure. What a treasure. My heart is full of joy, too. Happy Resurrection day to you...

  4. These look delicious ! ... Thanks for sharing - you also did a great job with the pictures

  5. saturday was a beautfil spring day to be out and about,went to an auction sale to enjoy the wweather lots of other people had the same idea.Just agreat day to take in the fresh spring air and hang out clothes and quilts to freshen things up.Thanks sooo much for the great pics of the quilts.Happy Easter!!!!

  6. What treasures!!! And you're adding a new one to the bunch :) Happy Easter, my friend!

  7. Treasures for sure ...and so great that you can make your own edition! =)
    The sandwich looks good too..,I could make that! But it always looks and tastes better when someone else makes it, doesn't it?