Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Staff Appreciation Week

It's Staff Appreciation Week
and we celebrated on Monday!
A nice way to start the week.
A nice diversion to a cold and really windy day!
Our boss treated us to a tour of a brand new
exhibit of the 
World Famous Stratford Festival Theatre
AND a visit to the local famous 
Chocolatier - Rheo Thompson's Chocolates
all in the City of Stratford!
April 23rd - right on the day -  was the birthdate
and death date
of William Shakespeare himself
it seemed appropriate to make this our destination.

After our "whirl wind" tour we travelled a few miles North 
of the City 
and landed at our farm for cake and ice-cream
and a warm cup of coffee!
It was cozy with 25 people in a small farm house
but everyone found a spot somewhere to relax.

It was a fun afternoon spent with 
a really great bunch of co-workers!

Today I took some pictures of the Rhubarb progress - Week 7
It's coming along and I simply can't wait to make my first pie.
Maybe by Mother's Day I'll be able to pick some?

Rhubarb - at 7 weeks

My red tulips are in full bloom


  1. Sounds like a nice appreciation celebration. I do hope that rhubarb is ready for Mother's day!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I'm you work outside the home? Can you please send out some of that rhubarb...I have a few recipes...I'm out to try your crunchy broccoli salad.

  3. Thank goodness it wasn't me but "Lizzie" with an ie that had the injured hands. Her geriatric cat bit both hands and they got infected. She is finally back to cooking...whew. Thanks for asking...I think most of my sweet commenters thought I was the one hurt.

    How nice of your boss! What a marvelous treat for you all.

    PS...Your rhubarb looks great. Mine is still so puny!