Sunday, August 19, 2012


What a weekend!

A Beach Tea Party for a Beautiful Bride-to-Be,
Ms. Becky, and her amazingly "fascinating" friends!
What a blast!

Then on to the beautiful wedding celebration
of Alyssa and Chris, our God Daughter
and reconnecting with her amazing family
 and their friends!
We were "taking notes" for our own
daughter's upcoming wedding
in September .......

Weekends like this are
good for the soul!!!


  1. I agree, nothing better than being with happy people for happy celebrations! Glad you had such a lovely weekend~

  2. Yes, such times are both exhausting and exhilarating. Good times make for happy memories of which you'll have many. ☺

  3. Oh what fun. Love all those fascinators at the shower!

  4. It sounds like a good time...from beginning to end. I had one of those weekends too...the kind that are good for the soul!

  5. What a fun shower! Thanks to Ellen I now know what fascinators are! =)
    The wedding shots are gorgeous!

  6. So lovely....I love weddings. What a beautiful wedding dress. Love all the layers of lace. So nice to have a peek into the wedding. So happy for you.

    1. Thanks Kathy - this was actually our friend's daughter's wedding. Sorry - I wasn't very clear on that point. Our's is coming up in 3 weeks - EEK. Am I ready??? Nope, not yet but, hey I've got 23 days!

  7. Looks like another fun wedding event. I loved our wedding...we had so much fun...the weather was perfect, and I just enjoyed the day even though it was on our back yard. It was fun preparing and we had caters which was so helpful.
    Hopefully I will be posting soon again and I will start with the wedding.

  8. And I have known about it before. My memory! Ai yi yi!