Wednesday, February 26, 2014

German Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday
(the last day before Lent begins)
is just around the corner
and I've been craving pancakes!!!

Years ago I purchased a crepe pan while
vacationing in Quebec City 
but had never actually used it.

So I thought I'd pull it out
and make these
easy peasy German Pancakes,
a recipe I received from
a dear lady in Manitoba!
Wish I could remember her name.

Our daughter was in the
Ontario Mennonite Children's Choir
at the time (20 some years ago)
and I was privileged to tag along
as a chaperone
on their trip to the Winnipeg area!
We had such fun and stayed with
such lovely folks who graciously hosted
the choir members.

We were so delighted to be served
these delicious treats for breakfast
one morning and I was gifted the recipe:

German Pancakes
These were served with strawberries and whipped cream and so delicious!!!!!  Typically these were made for supper and sometimes filled with meats and cheese.
1 1/2 Cups flour
1/2 tsp. salt
3 eggs
2 Cups milk
Whip with a whisk.  This is a double recipe and you must use lots of real butter for each pancake you make! J. That's what our hostess told me.....and she was right! Butter always makes it better.
Flip pancake with two forks (I couldn't get the hang of this so I used a good old spatula) when it looks crispy and bubbly on the edges. Then let it cook on the other side just a wee bit longer. Roll the crepes and serve with syrup or dip into lemon juice and then cinnamon sugar.
Another way to enjoy them is rolled up with cottage cheese and fruit or whatever you like.
My favourite way to eat these is simply with lemon juice and a sprinkle of icing sugar.

Do you eat pancakes, crepes, etc. for
What are your favourite pancakes?

Till next time ....... keeping the crepe pan on top of the frying pans pile for now!


  1. Your German pancakes look delicious. We make some, but they are baked in the oven and puff up as they cook. We like to eat fruit on them, too. Maybe I need to make some this week!

  2. Ok, Rosella, confession time. I don't even know what Shrove Tuesday is, but if it means eating pancakes, I'm in! These look unbelievably delicious. I'm going to pin them and try to make them. Somehow, I don't think they'll be as pretty as yours!

  3. Sounds like a great plan to me...pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! They look delicious. My hubby makes Swedish pancakes and I make blintzes.

  4. I'm with Amy on both counts! These are a family favorite! We love them with cinnamon sugar, folded in half and rolled up.

  5. They do look good and I am a fan of butter. Win-win! =D

  6. We ate a lot of those pancakes growing up and now our grands enjoy them when they come over. I love them with berries and cream or cottage cheese and strawberry sauce... or maple syrup and lemon juice.
    I think... we'll be eating them for lunch tomorrow. You have me craving.

  7. My goodness... I totally want these for breakfast tomorrow morning. I just hope mine turn out as nicely as yours...heheh :)

  8. Your German pancakes look fantastic...and I'm envious of your crepe pan!
    PS...I fixed the link on my blog. Thanks for pointing it out...sheesh, sometimes I leave my brain in another room ;)

  9. Those look so good! I make German pancakes...but am now envying your pan.

    Now you have me curious. What year did you accompany your daughter and her choir to Winnipeg? My daughter sang in the Pacific Mennonite Children's Choir and I joined the choir as a chaperone on a trip to the Mennonite World Conference in Winnipeg some twenty years ago as well. I recall some of the food I enjoyed while there as well...a Japanese restaurant in particular. Funny how we link foods to occasions.

    1. Thanks Judy! We toured the Winnipeg area in July (Canada Day Weekend) of 1994. Becky was 10 at the time and we had so much fun. I think the World Conference was a few years before that - 1990? The choir sang at several churches and we toured the Mennonite Heritage Museum and a Hutterite community. It was a wonderful experience for the young choristers and their chaperones!

  10. Those look amazing. I am now craving them too. We actually make them often in our home. My little grandsons love them...and I'm sure little Ivy will start to enjoy them in the near future.


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