Monday, February 10, 2014

Gringo's Go To Market!

Our short visit recently
to Ajijic, Mexico
offered many local markets
They were all a treat,
to say the least!

Ajijic Market

The Wednesday market very near to us
right in Ajijic, is the primary
fresh local food market.
As the farmer and I enjoyed the
sights, smells and sounds, our hosts
did their weekly shopping.

Margo prepared a delicious
lunch of freshly cooked shrimp  - oh my!!
What a treat!

Chapala Market

The 4 mile walk to Chapala was 
well worth it.
Delicious breads, cheeses, fruits,
veggies and such tempted us.
Some of the meats were not quite as appetizing,
as you can see.
We were rewarded with a delicious fajita
lunch that included free margaritas!
Needless to say,
we took the bus back to Ajijic
and even managed to have an 
afternoon siesta!!!

Tonala Market

On Sunday we travelled by taxi to the famous
Tonala Market near Guadalajara.
A delightful, bustling and colourful market.
We noticed there were few Gringos but
many Mexican family shoppers.
Known for it's lovely hand blown glassware,
 handicrafts, pottery, ceramics and household items,
it didn't disappoint!
Notice the breads that were shaped like
turtles and alligators, the delicious churro sticks,
and the huge stuffed jalapeño peppers
that we had for our lunch!

These "cooling the tongue" drinks tasted
wonderful as we ate those jalapeño popper whoppers!

It was a full and fun day.
Our evening was spent relaxing and watching the
Super Bowl while snacking on
delicious homemade American food - hot dogs of course!

So many of our most memorable experiences included
good home cooked food and fellowship.

More on that later ............


Heart shaped arrangement at the Chapala Market

Till next time ........... more memories of Ajijic, Mexico.


  1. I love the sights, sounds and smells of a local market. I'd have filled my bag with churros and bread - I'm such a carb lover!

  2. Oh I see many delights and the most tempting is that beverage with the strawberry on the rim. A four-mile walk means that you were able to eat all that you wanted! =D

  3. Your photo collages are wonderful, Rosella. They've given me hope that spring is just around the corner, and that perhaps next winter we'll visit Mexico!

    20 Years From Now

  4. It's great that you could experience part of Mexico like a Mexican instead of a Gringo. When I share my primary school photos you'll see that I'm the minority in amongst all my Mexican neighbors. We grew up in an area of Los Angeles that was predominately Mexican...
    Love those market photos!

  5. Loved your collages. Looks like a really neat place to experience the locals best. What a fun trip!

  6. I'm with the carb lover! They, along with the Indonesians, know how to bake fancy things.
    Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I love open markets and exotic fruit drinks! Looks like a wonderful vacation!

  8. What a wonderful trip Rosella! Everything looks so fresh and yummy!

  9. How fun to experience the local market! And thanks for sharing it with us. Happy V-day to you as well. :)

  10. I love all your photos!!! And I loved seeing Tonala again. In 1974 I visited Tonala and we bought the colbalt blue blown glassware to go with the pottery dishes that we bought in the neighboring town of (can't spell it right) Talakipaki. The artisan community was awesome and the market places so colorful and interesting. Wish I could of been tagging along on your outing.
    (I went to our Mexican grocery store and bought the bread turtles today. I blame you for this splurge. ;-)

  11. Rosella, you see so much more of Mexico that we ever do when we visit. Those market collages are so interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Sounds like you had a perfect get away. I have never been to Mexico, but the markets look so intriguing and I would be tempted to taste everything. I found a local market in Hawaii...and so next time we will check that out, but nothing like Mexico markets.

  13. You really got to experience the local flavor...literally!


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