Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moon Flowers and Packages

It's Moon Flower time again!!!
We just had a stormy day here in SW Ontario
and the wind is still brisk
but, right on time - the moon flowers
opened their bright faces to shine through the night.
Here is the link of tonight's action:

Tonight was special in another way too....
some love came in a package from Grande Prairie, Alberta via Canada Post!

A sweet package containing
some lovely Stella and Dot
jewellery and a beautiful
cookbook "oh she glows" by
Angela Liddon
with favourite recipes tagged.
I can't wait to try these.

Then.... the best little charm of all!!
How sweet is this!?

Thanks Becky and Patrick
You're the best!!!


  1. I just read about the terrible storms in Ontario this evening. I am glad you are safe.
    Your daughter is so thoughtful! What a lovely package!

  2. Now those are gifts to warm a mother's heart and so beautifully presented. We must be getting the leftover remnants of your storms because it is very windy today.

  3. Utah has been having some crazy weather, too. We turned our furnace on last night and by Friday it is supposed to be 90 again. I love your fun package from your daughter! Enjoy!

  4. Oh, so beautiful and so much fun! Was it your birthday? Love the necklace!

  5. Such a fun package to receive!

  6. The moon flowers are amazing! I've never seen them before, so to watch your video was a treat. How nice to receive such a lovely package filled with pretty things!

  7. Your moon flowers are lovely! And what a wonderful surprise in the mail...picked out with love! I'm guessing a birthday, too!!


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