Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Peony Experiment

A few weeks ago I read about how 
you can pick Peony buds, wrap them in newspaper
and keep them in the fridge for up to two weeks!!!
This was mentioned on a comment from

We had an event coming up for which I wanted to use
some of these flowers, so I decided to 
give this a try.

June 16 - picked some buds.

Wrapped and refrigerated - so nice to have the garage fridge for this!

June 20 - unwrapped and put into water.

June 21

June 22 - beautiful and fragrant.

June 24 - fully opened!
This process totally amazed me.
It was so wonderful to see how even the leaves
came back to life after just a few hours
of being rehydrated!

I wonder ... could I have kept them this way for another week? 
Next time I'll have to try, but it will have to wait till next year
since all the Peonies have bloomed and are past their prime
as a result of our hot and humid weather these last few days!

That was fun ....

Till next time ..... enjoying the scents and beauty of these lovely flowers that have been growing here on this farm for more than 5 decades!!


  1. Wow! I'm amazed. Peonies are such a wonderful bloom and I'm always excited to see a bouquet of them and sad when their time is over. Glad your experiment worked. And yes, it's nice to have a garage fridge! Blessings...

  2. So beautiful! I'll be back here next year during peony season to check the procedure for having the blooms at their finest for a special event.

  3. Really? That is something to know! Wonder if it would work for roses?????

  4. Wow, what a terrific tip! Now I just hope I remember this next spring :)

  5. So good to know that experiment worked so well! A worthy thing to know! =)

  6. That's a great tip Rosella. Now you know you can do that again. I have that extra fridge outside obviously has more purposes than just holding food items.

  7. I always want to have my cake and eat it too...or have my flowers in the garden and inside in vases too. Some day when my peonies get to be huge bushes maybe I could bear to pick a few for inside and still have them in the garden too. Lucky you with such a bounty!


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