Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Seeding's Done

Seeds are in the ground,
both the fields
and the vegetable garden!
Better late than never....

June Flowers are blooming!

Bachelor Buttons always bloom
in time for the
Stratford Festival Opening Night!

Allium - always a favourite.

Parrot Tulips finally 
showing their beauty!

So the farmer came in from the field, 
dusted off his camping shoes
and off we went to try out our
little Escape for it's "maiden voyage"
to MacGregor Point
After all, it's Bird watching week there!

What a great time we had
with our friends
even though the farmer
had to return home for one of the
days to finishing "packing" 
the bean fields.

We discovered that 
the Spring Woodland Flowers
were blooming too.

And the birdwatchers were

Needless to say,
we had a wonderful first time out with our RV trailer 
and on the last evening, 
we set the sun whilst lounging on the solar heated rocks on the 
beautiful shore of Lake Huron!!!

I think I'm going to like camping glamping like never before.

Till next time ........... the rhubarb is growing like crazy and I can't wait to see the seeds popping their lovely heads in the garden....


  1. Oh I just love that you are already enjoying your new trailer. It looks like the perfect size for you. So glad the seeds are planted. Praying right now for a wonderful crop both big and small!

  2.'re living the good life! What fun!

  3. Good for you for taking the trailer out and breaking it in. Bird watching sounds like a great camping experience. That's a lot of planting. Do you sell any of your crop?

  4. So glad that you managed to escape long enough to try out your new trailer. It looks like a fun time to me!

  5. Sounds like great fun, Rosella! Looking forward to more of your glamping stories!


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