Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Blues (and Whites) Quilt!

January has been a month of chilly weather,
sunny days, clear roads,
and a blue and white quilt!

This Fall, at my workplace - Conrad Grebel University College, plans were underway to make a "community" quilt.
The fabrics in blues and whites were all donated from co-workers and friends stashes!

 By the beginning of November the stripping and piecing
was well underway with our quilt experts, Sara and Mandy, organizing a sewing bee.

There was involvement from students, faculty, staff, Board members, and community
connected workers - what fun!!!

The pattern "Twisted Log Cabin" is a design that I've always admired
and was so happy to learn this technique.

 Many of us took strips and templates home to work on over the holidays.

I was hooked and really enjoyed sewing my blocks!

Fast forward to January .....

The finished blocks were all returned and in a mere 2 hours
one evening after work, they were all sewn together and the quilt top was complete.

Sara and Mandy sewing blocks together

I tried keeping up with the pressing!

The next step was to stretch the quilt top with the batting and backing onto 
the quilt frame. Our new and spacious Library was the perfect spot to set it up.

The antique quilt frames and stands,
made by my Grandfather for my Mom many years ago - worked great!

Many quilts were made on these old frames and I have fond memories of the quilting bees.
I remember my aunties sitting all around the quilts, the interesting chatter, the delicious snacks and meals, and the perfect stitching!

The quilting has begun and we hope to have it completed within the next week or two.
It's been so great to have such a variety of beginner and experienced quilters stop by on a regular basis to put in a few stitches here and there.

This quilt will be donated to the Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale which is held annually on the last Saturday in May - New Hamburg, Ontario.

Learning to piece this pattern and having the confidence to try my
thimble at quilting has been such a joy.

I think I've caught the quilting bug ....

Till next time ...... do you love quilts???


  1. what a wonderful project to do together and have something to show for the winter days & nights :-D

  2. What a wonderful community project! I love quilts, but fear I don't have the time or patience to make one. Please email me your address. You won my book!

  3. What a neat way to spend time with friends...and a perfect time of year to spend on an inside project. I like the blues and whites.

  4. Oh, Rosella, you've brought back some wonderful memories. I also remember a quilting bee at my Grandmother's home with all my aunts seated around the quilt. Thank you for sharing such a great post...and happy quilting!

  5. What fun! Your joy comes through in this post, Rosella. I do enjoy quilts, though I have only done small projects. I read a lot of quilting blogs so am always inspired by what I see.

  6. Wow...what a fun project. That's probably the only way I'd ever be involved in making a quilt. I do love the end products! I love the view out the window on the first photo with the ice crystals and all. Beautiful...

  7. What a gorgeous creation. Truly a work of art! It's nice to have a project for a nice winter distraction :)

  8. That looks really complicated to me! Truly a labor of love! I have never attempted anything to do with a needle and thread after eighth grade sewing, other than what I can mend by hand. So great to share this kind of gift to give away.

  9. Oh yes, I love quilts, but I am not a quilter at all. When I look at the complicated patterns - the geometrics and all the shapes, all I can think of is 'math'.....and I was never very good at math!

  10. If only there was not a continent between us, I'd love to join in your quilting session! I made a throw-size quilt for my daughter nearly five years ago using scraps of her own outgrown clothing. I have tried three times to quilt it (twice by hand, once by machine) and I could not get it right. I'd like to think that this old dog could learn a new trick. ;)

    What pretty blues in your January!

  11. I love quilts although I'm no seamstress!. I think blue and white is my favourite colour combo. So pretty!

  12. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. No I have never made a quilt. Not sure if I could manage so many steps, but it's probably way more fun with a group of ladies. I have loved my knitting classes.

  13. I've never done any quilting, but I do admire the finished projects as well as all the hard work that goes into them. What a wonderful group project for a good cause, and it is a bonus that you got such joy out of contributing to it!


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