Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warm Memories...

.... of unthawing in Costa Rica!!

We escaped the frigid temperatures in the minus 20C something to the plus 30s!
What a wonderful get-away - two glorious weeks with dear friends.

There were crocodiles (that looked like cement statues), Howler Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans, Capuchin Monkeys and majestic Scarlet Macaws - amazing!

We landed in San Jose and travelled south to Jaco where we met up with our dear friends Ron and Karen.
From there we went to Manuel Antonio and stayed at the beautiful Costa Verde where the Capuchin  monkeys came to visit right on our porch. We were right in the tropical forest - the energy and jungle sounds will warm me for a long time!

Dominical was like stepping back to the 60's with crowds of surfers, camping on the beach, dreadlocks, handmade jewellery, Jeeps and Land Cruisers. The beach was swarming with hippies/young folk - incredible!
Later we found ourselves relaxing in our little cabana at the Eco-Resort Villas Rio Mar, another step back in time - loved this.

Next we made our way over rough gravel roads and through river bottoms to the Southern tip of the Osa Peninsula in the Southwestern part of Costa Rica. We stayed here for 7 days in our amazing "off the grid" beach house - Casa Arenosa - with the jungle all around us - it was heaven!

What an adventure this was ....

Sunrises on "our" beach!

There was much relaxation, cooking, picture taking and restful sleeping to the sound of booming waves, at this beautiful beach house. Also many hikes to seemingly tops of mountains and back down again. I don't think I've ever sweated/glowed so much in my life!
Thank goodness for the cool plunge pool - we used it many times a day.

My friend Karen is a great cook and we enjoyed some delicious meals (more on that and a recipe later) made on our gas stove in the outdoor kitchen!  We savoured the flavours of pineapple, chicken, mango, salsa, fish tacos, good wine etc. by candlelight in the outdoor dining room - PURA VIDA!

The Coffee Sock!

Ron made the coffee every morning - delicious!

Casa Arenosa was extraordinary...

Every day several pairs of Scarlet Macaws came for a visit on the beach,
we always ran for our cameras and tried to capture the perfect picture of these beautiful, noisy birds.
Did you know that Macaws mate for life?

More of our Costa Rica adventures to come ......
Oh, and a great pineapple chicken recipe too.

Till next time ...... I am writing this post as I "glow" in our back porch sauna and as the newly arrived Robins hop about in the frozen grass and the Canada Geese fly in formation overhead. Soon it will be warm here too.


  1. What fun to take off right after retiring leaving old man winter in the dust! A beautiful escape! I very much enjoyed seeing your private beach and reading about your climbs to the mountaintop. Good, too, that you shared the fun with friends.

  2. Your beach photo is so fun! I've never been to Costa Rica, but I've heard it is wonderful. How fun to share it with good friends. I'll have to put it on my bucket list.

  3. Oh what a wonderful getaway to such an exotic spot. How nice to enjoy it with good friends who cook! :)
    Such a glorious sunrise to enjoy.
    Glad you are looking forward at your own place for warmer days ahead.
    We to way up to 70 degrees today...yikes! Pretty nice. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a heavenly getaway!!! Sounds like you found a tropical paradise. Winter is returning like gangbusters for a couple days, but at least it is short lived this time of year!

  5. That sounds like an amazing trip, Rosella! What a way to kick off your retirement! And you've arrived home in time for spring!

  6. What an amazing getaway, Rosella. Happy for you! It all looks wonderful. Waiting to hear about the rest of your adventures. And for the recipe for pineapple chicken!

  7. Rosella, you have found a wonderful hobby now that you have retired....very well written and photographed...maybe you could freelance for a travel magazine?? Costa looks amazing - well deserved holiday/retirment vacation...

  8. Oh what fun! I think I must return to Costa Rica one day. My shore excursions from a cruise ship never included private resorts on the beach!

    I love the coffee sock....must check that out! And having beautiful scarlet macaws come visit daily...what could be more special?

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your Costa Rican adventures!

  9. When did you go and how did you find this beautiful place? It sounds like such a fun adventure!
    Yes, a lot of birds mate for life . . . ducks too . . . that is why many Asian people use ducks as a symbol
    on their wedding day in some fashion. Love your header photo! Is that you? =)

    1. Anneliese - we went for the first two weeks in March. Ron and Karen have been going to Costa Rica for years and Karen found this amazing place online. Yep, the header is us at one of the first sunsets we experience there. We had such a wonderful experience.

  10. Like Anneliese I'd love to know more! It looks like a beautiful place. The coffee sock - I can just imagine how good that coffee smelled in the warm tropical morning air!
    I read in a comment that you might be planning a trip west. I sure hope it includes the Island, where you'll have a warm welcome!

  11. I'm here a bit late but thought about you while you were gone. Love your photos....they took me there! That coffee...oh I can just imagine! So happy for you and Ron.

  12. So happy you had a wonderful time, Rosella! Two weeks away in the Costa Rican paradise sounds so wonderful! Loved your pictures, and hopping right over to part 2. I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica!


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