Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grammie Sewing Day

There's snow on the few daffodils that finally bloomed
sew so it's a great day for doing some more 
Grammie Sewing ...

I am not an expert sewer but these are made with all straight seams and are a great "wanna be" expert Grammie sewer project. Please don't judge - thank you!

With the lots of left over flannel fabrics from some of my other projects,
I decided to make some burp cloths. One can never have too many - right?

Cotton pre fold diapers .... 
I had no idea that these would be so hard to find!

After much sleuthing I found some at a sweet little specialty baby shop. Cheap they were not but I had my heart set on them for this project.

This is how I made them ...

The diapers and the flannel all need to be pre washed - an important step because otherwise they will shrink and not look so nice (not that it really matters in the end but I like to prewash my fabric).
Cut the flannel pieces 7 inches wide and approx. 22 1/2 inches long (the length may need to be adjusted a bit because all cotton cloth diapers are not created equal).

Fold under long sides by approx. 1/2 inch and press.

Fold over the top edge by 1/2 inch as well (leaving bottom end in case it needs adjusting.

Pin the top edge under to hold it in place, adjust and cut the bottom edge - pin into place as well.

Put a few pins in on either side of the long edges to hold them in place.
I just eye-balled where it should go to cover the center double fold of the diaper.

Now you're ready to go to the sewing machine!
I found it worked best (after breaking my machine needle on the first burp cloth) to use the walking foot on my machine to accommodate the varied thicknesses of the fabric.

Sew down both long edges with 1/4 inch seams - catching the folded under tops and bottoms as you go.

Now just sew across the top and the bottom.
Try to sew it straighter than mine - eek!

top view
back view

That's it .... easy peasy!

That was a fun little project on this snowy Spring day.

Till next time .....  packing them into the suitcase that's headed West in a few short days.
Can't wait to get there!!


  1. That's a unique way to make them! I know that they will certainly come in handy and they look wonderful! Have a wonderful visit with your family and visiting your new little grand to be. So exciting!

  2. Some lucky baby is going to love these! Have fun with your family.

  3. Good job...on your Grammie sewing project! My niece sews infant swimmers and markets them under the brand name Nunny's Nappies ( There's another project you might want to tackle! Have fun 'out west'!

  4. Well look at how handy you are in making these very practical baby items! What fun the anticipation must be on the exciting day of birth is coming. Praying all goes well and baby is healthy and mom recovers nicely!

  5. Oh, so cute! My children needed LOTS of soft burp cloths---I would have loved your handcrafted ones. Enjoy your trip, Rosella :)

  6. Awww...such lovely projects for this new little blessing!! Love your choice of fabrics...and you look like a pro to me. I know you all must be getting so excited! Blessings on your trip!

  7. Well done!! Those will be very handy!

    Love your daffodil border. I heard about that snow - I'm hoping we don't get it tomorrow!

  8. Very cute, Rosella! I hope you have a wonderful visit out west!

  9. Very nice Rosella. Lots of love going into those sweet little projects. I can feel your excitement. Cute fabrics....and great sewing! Packing them all up and heading happy for you. Have a wonderful time..and I'll be coming here for a visit and updates:)

  10. I'm excited for you Rosella! Those are just such cute fabrics and I know that they must be soft! I'm excited for you!


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