Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers!

A weekend Project ....

I've had this old buggy for many years
and it's always needed some clean up and tender care.

It's usually parked in our outdoor sunroom,
and has been begging of late for a bit of sprucing up!

After-all, we might be needing it for a photo shoot soon?

It's not perfect but not bad for an amateur antique buggy 
restoration project....

Amazing what a bit of spray paint and new bumper pads makes.

Till next time ....... how's your weekend going?


  1. Oh my! That's a corker of a baby buggy. They just do not make them as they used to do. I can believe that the vintage variety provides ever so much a smoother ride in total comfort. Well done!

  2. It's amazing Rosella and I can hardly wait to see the wee one who will be the star of the photo shoot!

  3. Oh, Rosella, it's absolutely beautiful! You're SO talented. (Such a lucky child who gets you for a Grandma!)

  4. Oh, that is great!! I know you'll be happy to have that photo shoot! Soooooon...

  5. Oh, that is sooo cute, Rosella!! It reminds me of the buggy that the little wee princess in London got wheeled in yesterday on her christening day. I think I like this one better! =)

  6. I just love the buggy! Some lucky baby is in for a treat!

  7. What a sweet buggy! And it will be sweeter still with a little baby tucked inside!

  8. It is absolutely beautiful and stunning. I have a small replica of that model for Ivy to enjoy. Soon it will be filled.


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