Tuesday, November 24, 2015


And so it begins ....

Nothing like a beautiful snowfall to get into the mood!

Sometimes I have a hard time getting my Christmas on.

The end of November is always so busy, dark and dreary, 
I struggle to keep up my energy levels.

In spite of myself .... I'm starting with the decor this week.

This special little Christmas incense smoker always helps to get me going.
A long ago gift from dear friends who were in Germany at the time.

Next is the living room mantel.
I used to load it with a collection of snowmen but have simplified this area considerably over the last few years.
I like it better this way.

The front hall banister gets the same old treatment each year.
The chalk board in the background says, 

"Let it Snow"
"Let it Snow"
"Let it Snow"

Oh yes, and the china cabinet!

The wall unit shelf  - the plate called Snow Angel - given to me by my mom
when my daughter, Becky was a little girl - it even looked like her!

Now she has her own little Snow Angel and I can hardly wait to hold 
that sweet baby again
 in a few short weeks when they arrive home.

This will be the best part of Christmas for us this year ....

I suddenly feel much better!!!

Tomorrow I'll work on the outside decorations - one day at a time.

Do Christmas preparations make you tired and anxious or do you feel exhilarated?
I shall carry on and remember the reason for the season!

Till next time ....... wishing all my American friends and families a very Happy Thanksgiving and the energy and spirit to prepare for the most important event of the year!


  1. Your little Snow Angel is just precious, Rosella! Enjoy every moment with her, your daughter and the rest of your family! Love all the little of holiday cheer that you've begun to add around the house. I'm so not ready for snow yet!

  2. Your home looks incredible, Rosella, both inside and out! Wishing you and the entire family a wonderful Christmas. As you said this one will be so very special. Hugs!

  3. Lovely photos and decor . It is still green here and the temps are 10C so not really in the Christmas thing yet , I go simple and less now a days . I myself am not looking forward to snow and really cold temps with a bit of luck this year will be mild and less snow with lots of sun shine now I can handle that . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  4. I like your 'best part of Christmas' for this year! It's looking lovely over there. I have been working at the decor one little bit at a time over here...a much more simplified version of what I used to do. Less is often better! Have fun with your prep!

  5. Your little darling is the best! After a busy week with four darlings staying here, I have a free day and plan to tackle my entrance railing going upstairs. I'm always glad when that is done. Sounds stressful, but I do love the twinkly lights all over during the season.

  6. She is adorable! What a smile...that'd get anybody in the mood for Christmas.

    I am not ready for snow. We have had temps to nearly 60°F this week. So lovely and mild.

    Your home looks very festive! I am decorating Sunday if all goes well. My darling is stressing so I'm doing it while he's away. ;>

  7. Oh it looks so cozy and warm at your place. Look how big your little girlie is!! I'm so glad they are coming for Christmas. Now that Thanksgiving is over I can start thinking of decorating for Christmas...

  8. Your house is looking so beautiful for the holidays! We got our tree today and it's up but undecorated---waiting to see how the puppy reacts before putting on lights and ornaments. But it smells Christmassy :) Your granddaughter is getting so big---it will be a marvelous Christmas for your family this year!!!

  9. Life is so worth it with the little ones. And I love how you dress up your place...I see so many similarities.


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