Friday, July 15, 2016

Catching Up

How can it possibly be over one month since I've last posted???
My intention was to wrap up our Wild West trip
with "homeward bound" pictures and stories.
I hope I can recall some details as to document our trip.

We spent a few days in Grande Prairie, helping a little with packing
up the family there in preparation for the move back to Ontario.
It was nice to be there for the last time and get our fair share of hugs and cuddles
with this little beauty ...

We bravely hit the road for the long trek (3,800 km/2,360 miles) home,
knowing that our wee family would soon be following.

Our first stop was the Edmonton, Alberta area with a quick shopping trip
to the famous West Edmonton Mall - it's enormous!
The next day we drove into beautiful downtown Edmonton ...
enjoyed Dim sum for lunch and explored the beautiful City Hall.

Over the next few days we visited some friends and family.
It was delightful to pop in on my nephew and his wife who live in Vermillion.
There we met their newborn and 2 year old daughters.
Totally forgot to take a picture.
Soon we were in the next province - Saskatchewan.
There we stopped in on some wonderful friends.

First was a quick visit with Bill and Helen in Saskatoon.
I was Bill's administrative assistant for 10 years while he was the
principal at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. 
Helen was a teacher at the same school and they were like family to us during those years!

It was so great to see these dear folks again!
That evening we rolled in to the farm yard of another couple of 
wonderful folks whom we had also met during my years at Rockway.
Les and Lil welcomed us with open arms.
The next morning they filled our trailer fridge with homemade bread,
cinnamon buns, sausage and steaks.
We weren't allowed to leave their yard until our gas tank was generously topped up as well.
Such amazing hospitality!

A very special couple!!!!

It was now time to "make time" and get this rig home!
Let's just say, when the farmer is headed home, there will be some long driving days ahead.

We managed to enjoy seeing some of the almost extinct grain elevators
before leaving this beautiful province.

Before we knew it - we arrived back home - 3 days ahead of schedule!
(not that we really had a firm schedule).

In the meantime here at home - the "kids" have successfully moved back to Ontario, are settling in nicely and live 10 MINUTES - again I say 10 MINUTES from our house!!!

Our hearts are full as we become accustomed to this huge change in our lives. A special little one will be turning One Year old in just a few short days!

Till next time ....... hope you are enjoying a healthy and happy summer so far. 


  1. Only 10 miles wonderful!! You filled your trip home with lots of great catch-up time. That was some mighty fine hospitality. Glad you made it home safe and sound and are now enjoying your little grand being so close...and her parents.

  2. Ten minutes? Oh joy unspeakable. You must be beyond thrilled!

    Yes, someone was very eager to be home...shaving off three days is evidence of that.

  3. Rosella, I can just feel your excitement and can well relate to the joy of having kids move back. Our daughter left for CA a newly wed and moved back with three children (and husband) 5 years ago and our son moved back last summer with three small girls after living in Sask for 3 years. Your little angel won't even remember anything else than being close to Grammy.

  4. That was some trip, Rosella! It must have been amazing though. I love road trips - only thing is that I want to stop everywhere! How wonderful that your family is now just 10 minutes away! Not many things could top that!

  5. I am so happy to finally get caught up with you, Rosella....and so very happy that the little family is now nearby. We love having our daughter and her family in town. Being a long-distance grandma is hard!


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