Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Raspberry Custard Pie

There has been a bit of chatter lately on our family Reunion
Facebook page, about raspberry pie!

Raspberries are in full season over here and thanks to my cousin Ruthann I just got so hungry for this pie. She also reminded us of the raspberry crumb pie mom used to make.
That will have to be my next one ...

My mother made the best pies in her "old" granite pie plates
and this one is from her:

I am fortunate to have inherited a few of mom's pie plates!

Years ago I began collecting family recipes for a cookbook
that still needs to be finished - I'll get it done one of these years hopefully.

This pie recipe was submitted for the cookbook by my nephew Nick.
I think my dear mom's cooking is what her grandchildren remember the most.
It was always delicious and made with lots and lots of heaping love.

Grandma’s Raspberry Custard Pie

2 Eggs
Pinch of Salt
2 Tbsp. heaping brown sugar
1 Tbsp. heaping Flour
2 Cups whole milk
Beat eggs, add salt, sugar and flour
Put fruit in pie shell, pour custard mixture over top.
This is my personal favourite of Grandma’s pies.  I got this recipe from Aunt Evelyn one summer after finding a bumper crop of raspberries in the old barn yard at our place in Kenilworth.  One bite and I thought I was back at Grandma’s house for one of her famous Sunday dinners!
Nick A.

It turned out not too bad.
Although when I opened the oven door - the smoke alarm went off.
I think it ran over a wee bit due to not really knowing what temperature to bake it at, instructions that were sometimes missing from mom's recipes.
I baked it at 475F for 5 minutes and then at 425F for another 30 minutes.

BTW when she said "heaping" she meant heaping!

I love raspberries and especially when they are served in a pie!

Meanwhile today, my little love came for a quick visit.
We had such fun, making homemade noodles and then eating them.

There was even some time to play outside for a spell. A nice way to try to stay cool on this hot summer day.

I am still learning how to make pasta and was trying to figure out how I could hang it up to dry when it occurred to me that the divider rack from our old freezer would do the trick!
So glad I didn't throw it out ...

Till next time ..... stay safe this holiday weekend and stay cool.


  1. Oh my that raspberry pie looks delicious. Your little love is so darn cute. I'm so happy she's close enough to pop in for a visit. Sweet times! Blessings.

  2. Lovely photos . Raspberries yes , custard not so much for me ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good long weekend !

  3. That pie looks scrumptious...wonder what it is about the graniteware that makes it good for pies. Sweet little visito you had today. did she try the pie? Oh, and I admire your tenacity with pasta making. I attempted it back along and finally concluded that I would never be Lovella or a MGCC!

  4. Isn't it lovely to have a visit from a little granddaughter? I don't know where the year as gone, if she is having a birthday! The pie looks scrumptious.

  5. It looks like you are having a whole lot of fun over there...from pies to your little 'sweetie pie'! The raspberry pie looks yummy...a 'new to me' version of raspberry pie that I will need to try sometime.

  6. I have never had raspberry custard pie! I'm going to have to try it! Too bad I can't just sit down with you and have yours! =) Love that re-purposed freezer divider too!

  7. And don't wait too long to get that cookbook done! =)

  8. I recently made custard with 4 C. milk and 1 C. sugar (what the recipe called for). It was much too sweet! I like your proportion better.

  9. I've made a lot of raspberry pies, but never a raspberry custard pie! I bet my family would love this!! Your sweet girl is getting so big---she's a doll!!!

  10. Your raspberry pie photo took me back many years from PA to rural Ontario. My mother often made that. I can almost taste it. Thanks for posting that recipe and the photos of your darling grand.

  11. I love the idea of your pasta rack Rosella! What a good idea. Your raspberry pie looks amazing. I find straight raspberry pie a bit too much but love the idea of mellowing it with custard! Your little darling is growing and is just so sweet.


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