Saturday, August 20, 2016

Inspired Peach Custard Tart and Travelling

The other week my sweet sister-in-law made us a yummy peach pie.
It had a shortbread crust and was still warm when she brought it.
We could hardly wait for dinner over the next few days as we looked forward 
to this delicious dessert!
Thanks so much Marilyn - what a treat.
You inspired me ....

Peaches are so in season right now and I purchased a little basket
of those rosy cheeked Red Haven wonders at the market.
When there were only a few peaches left and needed to be used up I hunted down a recipe
for a shortbread crusted peach pie and found this wonderful

To keep the rosy tone on the peaches, I scalded them with boiling water
for a few minutes.
Is this how you peel your peaches?

Love the colour of these beauties

I think I'll be making this recipe again and again - it was delicious!

We enjoyed it with some dear friends, Dianne and John
while chatting about their adventures and world travels.
Dianne writes a fabulous blog called
(click on the above link to view her blog)

They explore the world, house sitting and pet sitting in the most amazing places!
What a great way to travel and make new friends ...
They have inspired us to consider more travelling as well.

Till next time - enjoying this hot, hot summer we are having and thankful for a nice green lawn again after some much needed rains.

Be inspired ...........


  1. Looks delicious Rosella! I love Ontario peaches but we don't get them in season like we used to. I miss them.

  2. That tart is beautiful Rosella! A work of art. House sitting is an interesting way to travel. We met a couple in Oxford who were doing that.

  3. Gracious goodness girl,that looks delicious. I could dig right in!!!

  4. I was just craving a fruit pie - this looks scrumptious, Rosella! I'm pinning it so I can give it a try!

  5. I can vouch for this one, it was delicious! I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The downside, now I have to start jogging again. I hate jogging!

  6. I think that is the most yummy looking pie I have seen all week. Just the thought of peaches and custard...oh my! Must look for some fresh, ripe peaches...

  7. It was wonderful to reconnect with you and the farmer, Rosella, and as for that peach custard tart it was incredible. Simply delicious, and yes, John really did eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Me? I'm not confessing, but I'll be joining him for that jog! ;-)

  8. That pies looks yummy. I haven't made a peach pie yet this year. I buy the peaches a small end up eating them as they are!

  9. Oh, my that looks delicious! Hope some peaches are left when we visit in September!

  10. Oh my goodness, that looks wonderful! I have some peaches in my fridge that I bought for another recipe...and now I am torn because I want to make this tart too!

  11. Wish we could share some of that delicious looking tart over coffee!! I just made peach jam this week.. almost sems a waste to cook up the peaches but it's one of my favorirtes, peaches with orange rind in it.

    1. I love that recipe Anneliese. I'm going to copy the link for those readers here who also want to make this very tasty jam:
      This is found on Anneliese's wonderful "For Everything A Season" blog!!!!

  12. I need to get a basket of peaches. I love them fresh but I must admit that pie looks delish!

  13. I haven't met a peach pie yet that I didn't love...and yours looks especially yummy!!!

    I'm off to check out your friends' travel blog. Sounds intriguing.


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